Clamping and Vas Deferens?

Hey there everyone. New to the forum but about 5 months deep into PE. I’ve been using the bathmate x30 for girth gains and have just decided to pick up clamping.

Today was my second day doing this and I noticed something kind of concerning. My left vas deferens was noticeably bigger and thicker than my right side. It felt tight and while there was no pain, it was obviously more pronounced than my right side. Has anyone had any horror stories with their vas deferen health and clamping before? I won’t be clamping tomorrow and I’m going to stick to the one off one one exercise because of this. There was no pain but I noticed the tissue below the base of my penis, actually in my testicles was a little sore.

There’s a few things to consider in my situation though:

1. The biggest thing to consider is that when I was a 5 or so I had an accident from slipping on between a metal pole that split the shaft of penis open and was sewn back up. I have a skin graft on the left side that has left with me a scar, it’s not grotesque and I have a normal looking penis and not a single woman has noticed until I pointed it out. Yet I can’t help but feel like this surgery has somehow caused me with less than girth I would have had naturally as the thick of my penis is around 6 inches erect by the girth right under my glans is exactly at 5 inches (up from 4.8 from when I first started months ago) and is about 6.2 inches long.

Summary for tl:dr: I had a surgery on the underside of the left side of my penis. This could effect the anatomy of already where my vas is more pronounced and I just didn’t notice until vigorously checking after clamping.

2. I masturbate with my left hand. This may have somehow effected my vas deferens being more pronounced on my left side? Note sure about this.

3. I had a third concern but for the life of me can’t remember what is right now lol. I will edit if I remember haha.

Anyways this is my first post here but I’ve been lurking for awhile. I’m considering make a progress report soon with some pictures.