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Clamping and Length

Clamping and Length

I have had good results with clamping and jelqing. Recently in a thread, I was reading about clamping and length gains….which led me to speculate about stretching while clamped(holding the stretch with one hand and using the other to squeeze) in addition to wet jelqing from the clamp forward like I sometimes do. I have tried it the past few sessions, but was wondering if anyone has done this regularly?

NO!! Doing any kind of erect or semi erect stretches is bad!

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GoI… don’t be so conservative. I, for one, encourage testing new waters. I have been trying something similar but am questioning its affectiveness. Erect stretching is somethign that isn’t really been thoroughly explored, although I urge you to be careful I by no means discourage it.

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What’s the reasoning behind not stretching erect again. I remember people mentioning it.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

I read somewhere that it is easier to damage your ligs and tunica if you stretch while erect. I did a search which popped up a few good threads, such as this one: Is stretching erect out of the question?

Thanks Clyde.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

I don’t believe go will gain much when you stretch erect.

It is easier to damage your ligs and tunica if you stretch while erect.Your ereccion should not surpass the 70 percent.Being careful is the best way of arriving at good port.

Good luck.

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THe problems with erect stretching are:

1) The tunica is already under stress from the erection. Stretching might push it further toward rupture.

2) If the angle of tension is different from the angle or erection, it could induce a bending moment on the tunica, which could again cause a rupture.

3) Stretching the ligs with an erection is dangerous because it introduces a bending moment on the tunica (see #2).

4) If a hanger is used, the risk of blood vessel damage is probably increased. Hangers were not designed for erect hanging and the effects on the penis are not known.

Other than that, I think erect stretching has some promise if done carefully, manually, and in the direction of the erection.

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I would say that Dry Jelqing is the closest thing to erect Jelqing if you apply the stroke away from your stomach down, or toward your body up. I got my first length gains that way. I almost never strectch, hang etc.

Thanks guys. I knew that the thought was erect stretching was bad, but I was just asking if anyone has had experience with it and gained good results. Also, occasionally during a clamp session, I allow the erection to go down a bit, but to the point where there is still some girth fullness, this is the point at which I have been stretching. Any thoughts?

I Dont know about stretching, but i can tell you one thing for sure: When i jelq with an 80%- 90% erection, i get a really fluffy (<~~lol) thick cock after my workout. I have also noticed that i get a more big/swollen cock on my second session of jelqing ( I brake up my workout in to 2 20 min jelqing session, spaced a few hours apart) right before i go to sleep.

Just my 0.5 cents

i hope youve been jelquing for a long time to be doing 2 20 min sessions

On a different note, while I have been clamped, I can definately feel a hardness in my hidden dick….and I believe that by clamping at the base and kegeling that you are basically doing a squeeze(using the pelvic muscles and clamp as the end points). It sure feels like I have gotten girth gains in this unmeasurable “hidden” part as well. Any thoughts?

While I don’t think that stretching while clamping would be contraindicated as particularly hazardous [assuming not using hanger with weight] I don’t know how it would be more effective than focusing on intensifying the clamping.

What I was wondering, which I’ve touched on elsewhere without really exploring, is what impact would intense stretching or hanging have after the tunica and cavernosae have been stressed by clamping

I still haven’t gotten the ‘hang’ of clamping, but really dig hanging with tps’ redi-stretcher. I also really enjoy intense dry jelqing, particularly once I get to the state where my johnson is deeply ‘achey’.
Unfortunately my wang is sensitive to the touch by that point, so I can’t really hang then, but in my gut I know that if I were to hang after my dickie were all wore out then the tunica would be ‘pre-exhausted’ [to use a Weider principle] and less able to resist the stretch of the ‘hang’.

I think.

The once or twice I was able to successfully clamp I felt that same d-e-e-p achey exhaustion without the acute superficial dermal sensitivity that results from long intense dry jelq sessions.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?

Got to get this clamping thingy down.

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