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Clamping alternative

Clamping alternative

While being considered a “newbie” I have been doing PE for a decade or more. So before I get bashed for clamping I just wanted to say that I am not new to this, and my dick is toughened up for clamping. I tried the cable clamp method 2 years ago and found it to be too annoying with the wrapping and the clamp digging into my pelvis. I instead use a bracelet made of a silky, woven design, that cinches. No wrapping, no clamp digging into my pelvic. Just a thought for those who clamp all day. It is very comfy and stealthy.

Okay, I’ll bite…What does it look like? Where do you get it from?

Tell more about this bracelet.

It is made of a silky woven material, so it is very strong. The cinch is what I would describe as an elongated figure 8, and made of plastic. (The weakest point, I have broken 2 after long periods of use) They were popular before the rubber ones like the Lance Armstrong ones you see alot of now. I have found them at tourist gift shops, and book stores. The one I am currently using is one of the WWJD ones that I bought at a book store. I posted a reply before but have no idea where it went.

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