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Clamping added to workout


Clamping added to workout

First off, I’m not sure if this should be posted in the main members forum because clamping is not a newbie workout. I have posted my new routine in the routine/progress forum. It consists of the following: stretching, dry jelq, and clamping; however, I have a question about clamping. How many people actually do a full 3 sets after a stretch/jelq session? I feel like this can begin to be a little long for a PE session. I was looking into breaking it up and doing maybe 1 or 2 sets of clamping throughout the day. Or even taking an hour break after a session and then clamping again. FYI, I am going to be doing 3 sets of 10 min. Any input on this? (Please move to the appropriate forum if this is wrong).

I think it’s alright for Newbies to read about clamping here so long as they wait until they are “conditioned” to try it.



Ya, I have been PE’ing for roughly 6 months, so I feel as though I’m conditioned enough. Just trying to figure out good times to clamp throughout the day and looking for recommendations.

I just do it before and after routine, very light pressure and behind the balls. I guess I’m a little too afraid of it still yet to do actual sets with it. But I did have a jump in gains when I started clamping.

If you haven’t been jelqing for 3 months, then don’t clamp.


I have been jelqing for around 6 months (wet). I have now moved to dry jelq’ing and clamping. A lot of people have seen gains from moving to dry jelqing from wet. So far it definitely feels better than wet and I’m liking the clamping; however, I don’t go BTB as I’m nervous to do that. I am always extremely close to my pelvis though. I’ve decided starting january first I will be adding hanging as well.

I think you need to pay attention when clamping, some say you can wander about doing housework, but I forget to kegal and it soon dies down too much, I think 3 10 min sets are good but I think its fine to do throughout the day, I do anyway. BTB is to painful for me so I keep it in front too.

What hanger are you going to use?

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I’m planning on incorporating clamping in my routine starting January. My current routine is manual stretches in 5 directions, 1 minute sets with 2 reps of each stretch. Then I jelq for 30 minutes. Starting January, I’m going to start clamping 2 1/2 minutes before I start stretching, and 2 1/2 minutes after I’m done. Then after about another month, maybe move it to 5 minutes and so on.

godzilla: I’m actually going to make a wenchette tomorrow. I can’t wait to incorporate this into my workout. As for the clamping, so far so good. I feel a lot thicker actually throughout the day than I normally do. And, looking in the mirror I notice a difference.

Fields: GL with your clamping. I feel starting off with only 2 or 3 sets of 10 min clamping sessions is great. In about a month I might move up just a few minutes.

I always keep an eye on my timer while I’m clamping to and I almost always stay fully engorged.

Where did you guys get your clamps at? I went to Home Depot today and the guy there didn’t know wtf I was talking about.ofcoarse didn’t tell him my intentions with it though kehehe

Go to walmart, they are near the automotive/tools type section. Tell then you need a clamp for clamping wires or extension cords together. It comes in a multi-pack.

Sweet I purchased mine today along with the ACE self-adhering bandage. I’m gonna give it a quick shot today, just to see how it is! If I never come back to these forums, my penis fell off.

Don’t stick the self adhering bandage directly to your dick or you’re in for a little suprise! I find that cutting up those cheapy neoprene-ish insoles which you can buy for inside of your shoes work really good for me as an under-clamp wrap. If you don’t have something this cushy then consider cutting up a mouse pad or at least putting a strip of cotton t-shirt beneath that self-adhesive ace bandage.

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Yeah I know what you mean, but I’m pretty close shaven so I don’t get any pinching. And I tried both regular clamping and BHTB clamping, and was impressed with BHTB, and had no pinching what so ever, I guess it’s ‘cause I don’t have much of a fat pad. I found myself having to masturbate while I had it BHTB clamped to maintain my erection. I started to wonder though, if it would be safe to keep the clamp on all the time, whenever I go to school, work, whatever. Just at a low clamp setting. First or second click. I notice when I do it at a low clamp, the veins still come out but the blood flow is still there, but my penis gets just a little plumped. I’m using the red clamp, I can fit it around my shit easier than the orange one.

First off, I wouldn’t use anything that has an adhesive. I use the top of a sock i cut out :) . Secondly, I would never try to wear something like that all day. It would be a bad idea over all IMO (not having it viewable at all times to monitor it). Also, I think they are the same size. I keep myself pretty erect using my hand but I don’t really masterbate. As long as you stay engorged your fine, you don’t need to be erect looking as long as the blood is still there.

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