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Clamping added to workout


Yeah I understand that. Has anyone actually tried this though and can share their experience? I mean, I figure if I can urinate with it on, the blood should have no problem circulating.

A good cushion for the clamp comes from the foam/insulation plumbers use on pipes. It has a pull away platic strip to reveal an adhesive. You cut the foam to fashion the clamp, about 3/8’s of an inch thick and 1 to 1 and 1/2 long. Peel the strip and fasten it on the inside parts of the clamp. It will only come off if you rip it off, and it comes off clean even then.

I’m clamping more now with it. It’s both efficient and effective.

The problem with newbie clamping, even if you can tolerate it (as I can), is that by doing so you may be causing your tunica to toughen/callous prematurely thereby making future gains very difficult to achieve. I’m not clamping anymore because of this reason. It makes a lot of inherent sense to me. The idea which gprent puts forward regarding “teasing” your gains out (especially in the beginning) makes a lot of sense to me. Then, when you’re not a newbie and you’re stalled, THEN you pull out the new tools and blast your tunica with them.

What I’m saying is that just because you *can* doesn’t mean that it’s always the best. However, like yourselves I fully understand the position of being psyched to try new shit and the head rush you get from realizing that you *actually can* get a bigger cock. Indeed, looking down at my dick when it was clamped off was a fucking RUSH. anyway, rush or no, I’m going to back off a bit myself and just use the clamp to give me a thirty minute plump at the end of my real PE session.

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