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Clamp question

Clamp question

I was clamping Thursday, I was doing the thrid set, which I go for ten minutes with two clamps and I was trying to keep my thing hard, so I was watching a porn at the same and I would touch in the head a few times. Next thing I know I’m coming. Can this harm my thing coming while clamped? I stopped as soon as this hanppend. Can this cause damage?

No clue, damn who is that in your avatar?

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I found it some where I’m not sure at all.

I’ve had that happen. However, I’d be suprised if you were actually able to ejaculate with the clamp on. If you did then you deffinitely didn’t have your unit clamped very tightly.

When I had it happen (once) it caused me no problems and actually gave me this weird “half” orgasm which didn’t result in a refractory period or loss of hard-on. Also, when I loosened the clamp I *then* spurted. Weird, but it didn’t result in any after affects that I noted.

I had two clamps on closed all the way.

Sounds a little dangerous with blood rush spasms when extremly clamped. If that doesn’t give thrombosed veins I don’t know what…

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No. I don’t think it hurts anything. This happens a lot edging in the clamps, when you get too close to the edge. In fact the whole idea of edging is to get as close to the edge as you can without going over. After a while you develop more control. Sometimes I use one clamp clamped all the way down as deep into the fat pad as I can get it, and have intercourse. This is what I call Edging Inside the little woman. Best to do this from behind (dogie style) because you have more control and it is easier to keep the hard plastic clamp from digging into her pussy. I can do this for an hour, I supplement my cardio routine with this Inside Edging on edging days. Mrz. G. loves it because one: I last longer than when my main goal is to come and two: My girth gets up over seven inches toward the end. At the end of the routine I’ll pop the clamp and blow. I usually shoot over her head.

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No Nukes

BG: You are fucking crazy my man- pop the clamp, blow, shoot over her head. Gotta’ love it. Are you sure that you haven’t had the kevlar tunica replacement operation? Whenever I get close to coming with the clamp on I always release some tension- it really does feel like the surge of blood/energy could bust something. You’re not a clamping vet, you’re a titanium tunica mo’ fo’ is what you is!

West 99: You actually ejaculated past a double clamp?


West, I’m amazed. I can’t squirt even with just one clamp shut all the way. I guess it has a lot to do with your girth and how much wrap you use. But letting the pressure build and then releasing the clamp shoots nice streamers.

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No Nukes

I have herd several health professionals warn against preventing the cum from coming out. The claim is that it can damage the valve that shuts off your urine allowing cum to get into the bladder during orgasm, reducing your volume, increase post peeing drip or even causing a slow urine leak.

My motto is: If it hurts don’t do it.

so did it hurt?

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