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Clamp position

Clamp position

I use the cable clamp and I was noticing that it’s not a perfect circle, seems like from time to time my intensity is different and I wonder if it’s just the shape thats doing it.

I started putting one clamp right above that to make it extra intense aswell.

But I was wondering how yall do with one clamp or when clamping in two different positions how you gain girth right below the head if thats where your second clamp is.

Any help?

I use two clamps, sometimes three and try to stay fully aroused during my clamping sessions. I put my clamps on with the hinge down on the underside, wrapped with some cloth. (check out page 8 of my more recent pics for reference). The clamps don’t have to be a perfect circle as it mainly works the two sides of your unit (corpora cavernosa) not the underside (corpus spongiosum) and you don’t want to do any damage.

I feel that jelqing and Uli’s hit the underside and glans pretty good. Starting off with Jelqing I noticed the sides getting harder. Then when I started clamping, they became granite hard.

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I use two clamps also. I put one on with the hinge on the underside of the shaft and I put the other one on with the hinge to the right of the shaft just above the first clamp.

I do this because I notice that the clamp closes into an oval shape. So if you put them on perpendicular to each other (as described above) you will get a good squeeze on both the sides and the top and bottom.

I also try to keep an erection during the clamping session. I helps keep the intensity up.

When I’m completely hard and clamped I also like to softly push my dick down, kind of between my legs. It makes the chambers really full and hard.

Thanks guys

I use electric tape and taped foam on the inner side of the clamp to make a more circular and padded constriction.

I still use a wrap, but need a lot less.

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