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Well, I just couldn’t help myself, I did a little clamping experiment tonight just to see what this powerful PE technique had to offer, and my god, was I impressed! Normally, my erect girth is a modest 4.5 inches, shortly into the clamping my girth was a full 5 inches. I have NEVER seen my member as fat, heavy and damn good looking as it was tonight. I saw my future penis today and resolved to make it so.oh yes it will be mine, rry I got a bit carried away.

Peace out.

Whoa, calm down there kungfu. :leftie: That’s the enthusiasm that gets guys hurt while clamping. Clamping is very extreme and very serious. Not something to be taken lightly at all. Don’t go too overboard or you will find yourself on an unscheduled PE break. Now that the warning section is over, you are right!! Clamping is very impresive and extremely effective! Good luck to you.


I’ve been clamping pretty carefully and gradually for a couple of weeks. I’ve got to agree with kungfumaster. It’s awesome!! My dick has never looked this good. PE has made my dick harder, more vascular and thicker than ever. I’ve actually regained the upward curve that I had when I was a teen. Thanks to all the mods and veterans that help us in our quests for bigger dicks.

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Clamping is Fun!

Clamping is great!

But if you overdo it, then you will not even be able to masterbate!

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I really want to start clamping, but I really can’t find any cable clamps where I live here in Holland (Den Haag).

Does anyone have a safe alternative for clamps, like a piece of cotton or something:)

If not then would anyone be so kind to buy me some send me them and I’ll pay for them somehow ?

Thanks, and sorry for hijacking the post :)

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I usually get a good 1/2 inch when clamping. But then I step back into reality when I take it off.


I’ll heed those warnings. Actually I seem to have the sort of body that reponds best to infrequent, intense bouts of exercise rather than daily training, so I definately don’t feel like I’m missing out while taking rest days. Phew, too tired after my conditioning class to PE tonight anyway.

I certainly think the US should have considered the export of Cable Clamps to Australia during the latest Free Trade Agreement. I’m checking out some soft jelly cock rings in lieu of being able to find cable clamps locally.


So when can you start doing these clamps? A month after your first PE-session maybe?

Originally Posted by supperdupper

So when can you start doing these clamps? A month after your first PE-session maybe?

Clamping is considered hardcore. I only clamp manually (kegel, squeeze, hold), as I figure I won’t be able to overdo it that way. I’d say hold off clamping for the first 6 months, minimum 3 months.

regards, mgus

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How do you do these clamp exercises anyway? I watched all of the vids avalible here and I never saw anything named “clamp” in it whatsoever

Please explain.. But like you guys said I’m not gonna try it for a while anyway but it’s always fun to know

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Look for BrianRex’s Progress Report as well. He explains it well and has pictures. Although, he clamps balls and shaft. I only do shaft. I started clamping again after about a month break from it. MAN did it feel good! 3 10 minute sessions 3 days a week. No more no less. Again, as mgus says, do not attempted clamping for at least 3 months, preferrably more. I started too soon and had to stop for a while. I didn’t really injure myself but my PIs diminished significantly.


Originally Posted by Jesse
I really want to start clamping, but I really can’t find any cable clamps where I live here in Holland (Den Haag).
Does anyone have a safe alternative for clamps, like a piece of cotton or something:)

If your penis is properly conditioned, you can:
1.) Do manual exercises: squeeze your penis at the base and kegel to force more blood into it. Hold this using your hand (instead of a clamp). This way is very safe because if you feel any pain/numbness/excessive pressure, you can immediately release the pressure. This way also allows for you to control the pressure as opposed to the cable clamps that close incrementally. The disadvantage of this is that you have to hold your penis the whole time. If you are clamping for more than a minute or so, your hand can fatigue.
2.) You can either make or buy a leather penis strap that you can affix around the base of your shaft. These usually have snaps on them to close them. The advantage is that they can be very quickly removed. The disadvantage is even though they make them in different sizes, they can not be adjusted. You can make your own to fit your size more exactly, but you’d need some tools.
3.) If you search around, you may find some other methods; some which I think would be VERY DANGEROUS so I won’t mention them.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, realize that these type of exercises are more advanced and should not be tried until well into your PE career when your penis is properly conditioned. Remember, you only get one penis and you don’t want to break it!

Good luck!

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