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Clamp issues

Clamp issues

Hello, everyone, I just wanted to ask you guys if you have been having any issues with clamping?

I recently bought a medium sized cable clamp, and am not really feeling the tight and constricting feeling that I think I should be feeling (especially since my cock doesn’t look as engorged and tight as the one in the tutorial section). I use a thin dress sock as a wrapping after a 5 minute shower warm up, and try to keep my erection up through manual stimulation. Is it necessary to use a wrap? Maybe I should use something much thinner? Let me know if you can suggest anything. Thank you.

Another issue I’m facing is that after a 10 minute clamp session, my dick usually hangs engorged for only a few minutes, and then reverts to it’s normal flaccid hang. It looks as if I didn’t do anything at all to it. My base girth is smaller than my mid girth, so maybe this could have some negative affects on me? Should I clamp behind the balls instead?

I’ve found that clamping works best for me with a VERY thick wrap. I’m talking one or two clicks and it feels very tight.

Hey ollabac. It sounds to me that you are simply not clamping tight enough. Make sure you have that clamp as far into your fatpad as possible. And like UM1991 said, you need to be using thicker wrapping so only a few clicks of the cable clamp will be required for a tight clamp that will slow down the outflow of blood in your penis.

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