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Circumsition matters

Circumsition matters

Hi, my story of PE stretches from april 2006, still haven’t seen any gains.

I want to find out whats wrong, and I have done some research, which led to questions:

- Does circumsition matters?
I read on a site that people with uncircumsised penises face a tougher challenge,
So they adviced on pulling the foreskin back on each jelq, in every exercise.. ?

Do you have anything on this?

- Stretching; grabbing the head UNDER the skin - ouch.
I did some streches a while, (I have foreskin), grabbing below the head on the skin and stretched.
Then I read about the correct technique was to actually grab an OK-grip under the head itself, on the “meat”.
This way I can’t pull an inch without pain or discomfort.

Does it matter, or will I have no effect on stretching with the foreskin as a cover??

Please respond, much appreciated ;)

I always stretched with the foreskin over the glans. Gained 5cm in 16 months. Decide for yourself if you still feel that you should pull your foreskin back to make gains :) .

I don’t know if circumcision matters, but I am circumcised myself and I can tell you for a fact that doing Jelqs and Stretches are very easy and comfortable for me. I can see your point that the foreskin could be an additional challenge. But not everything is good for circumcised, for instance I do not have any spare skin to grow so my tissues look very tense (I do not know if this can slow down gaining length) and I already started noticing stretchmarks (I hear most uncircumcised do not experience this). So I think both types of dicks have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Initial Measurement (11-Sep-2006): BPEL: 13.8 cm, NBPEL: 12.7 cm, EG(Mid): 13.0 cm

9th Month Progress (6-Jun-2007): BPEL: 15.2 cm, NBPEL: 14.2 cm, EG(Mid): 13.5 cm

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