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Hey there,

I noticed on the bottom of my penis shaft, indication of stitches from the bottom to the top. I haven’t surveyed other penises, but wanted to know if anyone else has those.

I don’t know if I was circumcised in an abnormal way, or if that’s usual. I DO know that if I push really hard during sex, it seems to stretch a little connective piece of skin between my glans and the shaft; causing it to tear a little and be very painful.

I sort of have what you have. I have a brown ring that seems like scar tissue around my penis.

I think the mohels arn’t doing their jobs right…

The scar is “normal”, and will vary from one guy to another depending upon the cutting method and other factors. The scarring can be more obvious on some guys.

The little piece of connective tissue you see is the remnant of what was originally your frenulum, which in its intact state is commonly the most erogenous bit of tissue on the penis.

Nice to know someone else does research from time to time,

Your OK maiahsdad - Normal like most of us.

Calfaddict, nice to meet you mate.


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