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Hi guys!

Going in for my first circumcision this Friday and was wondering how long break this means for PE. Anybody know?

First circumcision, how many do you plan on having? Or are you a surgeon?

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He he, just one I hope.. Jelqing has given me a lot more foreskin than I had before and I don`t think it looks so good anymore.. I am 21. Anybody here had an adult circumcision?

you must rest 30 days .You have all life to grow.

Are you sure that you need an adult circumcision?

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Make sure they only take the excess off..

If they take it all off you will lose all the sensitivity in your penis head because it will dry up and be no more sensitive than your arm.


Well, I’m 25 and just got circumsized this past july. For me it was basically 2.5 weeks no play time, and even at 2.5 weeks, play time still hurt. Dissolvable stitches tend to take a little while to dissolve. It’s been about three months now, but there is still scarring which I wouldn’t want to mess with. I’m planning to start PE in a week or two if everything looks good

PS: So happy I got it done.

Sixa, that’s a myth by the way. When you get a circumsizion, the point of it, usually is to remove the frenelum (The Good ole Banjo string can cause lots of problems along the way. I had one particular NASTY incident which led to me thinking Circ was a good idea) True, the Frenelum is a nerve center, but the scar which replaces it also becomes a sensual erogenous area. I had a full cut and I’m damn glad I had it done. The only sensitivity I’ve lost is that I don’t get instantly hard if my dick rubs on my pants anymore. The first 2 weeks post op are the worst because getting an erection fucking hurts. It’s like someone stabbing you. Awful.

I had a circumcision when I was 20. Trust me you won’t want to do any work out for at least 2 weeks (and will be walking funny) during this time. Like slack said I’d wait until it completely heals up and then some. If you alter it during the rebuilding process, I can imagine it would alter it for a while. Oh, and for some reason my penis appears bigger (especially the head).

Owie I was circumsized as a baby can’t imagine it now


Jeez man… I’m trying to restore my foreskin and you’re cutting yours off! I’d just be alert as to what all circumcision permenantly removes. If you’re 100% on this, then go for it… but man… I wish I’d have been able to feel what having a ridged band feels like.

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What were the benefits or your circumsizion? I also considered because for some reason I feel my Foreskin is getting in the way of my PE’ing.

It’s probably a good thing that I don’t know who the doctor was that cut me when I was an infant, I probably return the favor. I have gone through several years of pain and skin tears because he didn’t do it right. It’s taken me a year of restoration just to end the pain and tears.

Originally Posted by johnnydeppyo
What were the benefits or your circumsizion? I also considered because for some reason I feel my Foreskin is getting in the way of my PE’ing.

I am not at the point to which my foreskin would jeopardize or get in the way of any PE activity (I have a long way to stretch). The benefits of my circumcision are none. I was circumcised as an infant, and because of that I never will know what having an intact frenulum feels like, or a ridged band, I’ll have more pubic hair on my shaft, my veins, arteries, and blood vessles had to rebridge themselves and blood flow (the basis for an erection) has undoubetly been compromised. Also my glans is a waxy, dried skin color, and not a natural vibrant color.

For PE I would assume having a foreskin would make dry jelqing easier. But hey everyone is different, if you want to get the circumcision done, then see if you can have them cut you more towards the base, keeping all of the inner mucosa skin intact.…boy/318545.html This site was posted here on Thunder’s about a year ago- maybe more. It’s the site that made me almost throw up and gave me a HUGE reality check on realizing that my natural penis was wiped out.

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