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Ok.. This is my opinion, and my opinion only. I’ve had foreskin for 24 years of my life. I’ve had sex, had blowjobs, etc. I’ve been circ’d for a couple months now and I can tell you straight up, it’s better. There’s no tension with sex, you can last longer, cleaning is MUCH easier, women seem to like it more (I’ve had a lot of women actually CONFUSED when I wasn’t circ’d). Overall, there’s way too much hype about having foreskin and what it does for you. I’ve had orgasms that have blown other ones away since I’ve had it done. That being said, 99% of what happens with sex is all mental, so if you think having a foreskin is going to make a difference, then go for it. But I would never try to dissuade someone from having the operation done. It’s only been 3 months, but I can’t imagine having to go back to things the way they were.

DO NOT GET YOURSELF CIRCUMCISED! I got circumcised at the age of 3, and I still remember the day, it might even be my first memory.. I’m trying hard to get my foreskin back even though it will never compare to what I was supposed to have. Your foreskin is one of the most sensitive pieces of skin on your body, if not the most sensitive. There’s no reason to remove it when all that will do is decrease your sexual pleasure. Plus there might be many consequences due to circumcision which you won’t face right now since you’re intact. You’ll honestly regret it.. I recommend you at least take another look at circumcision before you go through with it. People who’ve been recently circumcised wouldn’t be able to help you out as much because it takes a while for you to lose the sensitivity but it gets to the point where your fingertips are more sensitive than your penis and I’m sure that’s not what you’re aiming for.. So yeah along with the rest of the people on this forum, I’d recommend you DO NOT CIRCUMCISE or at least look over and know what you’re losing because you might regret it for the rest of your life. Most men in the world are NOT circumcised and no one has problems with it.. There’s absolutely no reason to circumcise!

You’ve been circumsized at the age of three. I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t agree with it. I’ve gotten to the point where my penis is as sensitive as my finger. That doesn’t last when you’re having sex. Sensitivity is not a reason to not get circumsized. As I’ve said, sex is better and longer. Not to mention I hated the look of my uncirced penis. I think someone who’s been circ’d months ago would have a more applicable view than someone who had it done at three. Unless you were big pimping, I doubt you could compare sexual sensitivity. Unless what you’re talking about is overall sensitivity. In which case, yeah. Unfortunately when you get circumsized your dick doesn’t get stuck to your underwear if it’s protruding from the foreskin. Damn. What a loss.

I definetly don’t agree with baby boy circumcision, I think it’s fucked up to take some ones rights when they are not mature enough to even make a decision. Circumcision should be like a vesectomy, you should be a certain age to have it done and your doctor should tell you ALL the downsides.

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For the guys that have done the surgery: how much was it? you pay or insurance? what kind of doctor you look for?


I’ve noticed something about this thread and suprisingly nobody has said anything about it, I’m suprised I missed it until now. You was getting extra forskin by jelging, so I assume you are also trying for more length? If you altered your jelging so that the skin moved with your hands instead of your hands stetching your skin as you jelg the addition of even more skin would come to a stop, and as you got longer you would take up the slack that was already created. Truely I envy your problem, I know what it is to have more penis than skin to cover it, that a real pain in the penis. I think I could easily deal with the cosmetics of too much compared to the great pain of ripping skin during a nocturnal erection, I wouldn’t wish getting woke up in that manner on my worse enemy.

We all have our preferences, we have guys that was cut when they didn’t have a choice, guys that were left alone as nature intended. In both groups we have guys that keep what they were given and those that remove/restore the foreskin. I’m sure there is at least one person on here that had himself circumcised as an adult and a couple of years later is now in the process of restoring it back (or has completed the process) I’m in the process of restoring for the reasons stated above and in my first post in this thread. I think that if we are not having problems with our foreskin, then maybe we should leave it alone. Nature gave it to us for a reason, and after all of human history we are still born with it, so obviously nature says we still need it.

I see you was going to get it done today, I sincerly hope that you changed your mind. But if you did lets all pray that his doctor did a good job, and not the kind of job that was done to me.

Originally Posted by Dandlewood
Sixa, that’s a myth by the way. When you get a circumsizion, the point of it, usually is to remove the frenelum (The Good ole Banjo string can cause lots of problems along the way. I had one particular NASTY incident which led to me thinking Circ was a good idea) True, the Frenelum is a nerve center, but the scar which replaces it also becomes a sensual erogenous area. I had a full cut and I’m damn glad I had it done. The only sensitivity I’ve lost is that I don’t get instantly hard if my dick rubs on my pants anymore. The first 2 weeks post op are the worst because getting an erection fucking hurts. It’s like someone stabbing you. Awful.

A myth ? NO. Saying that pisses me off. I’m guessing you haven’t been circumsized for long..

I was circumcised at birth and I’m 20 now.. My penis has 1% sensitivity.. I rub the dried out head of my penis with my hand and it feels the same as if I’m rubbing my chin. 20 years of an exposed penis rubbing against pants etc. Will do that to you. Give it 10 years and your penis will probably b like a dried up prune.. Sorry to say that but it’s truth. Advantages: Can last forever in bed.. Disadvantages: Blowjobs are dull, can’t come from them. Massive loss of sensitivity etcetc. The physical sensations are almost non existant.


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