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Circumcision Evil


I’ve already posted, but figured I’d share a funny horror story ..

Born at home the “natural” way. Anyhow, I too had problems with the foreskin being too tight to actually pull back enough to reveal the head. This was basically because the lack of education from my mother (single parent), I suppose she thought it was common sense for a young boy to know that he was supposed to pull back his foreskin to urinate. Anyhow, lol, it wasn’t till I was about 10/11 when a friend and I were out hiking and both had to take a piss, I hated peeing standing up because as my foreskin wouldn’t retract it would cause the stream of urine to spray, lol. It was at this time he asked me wtf I was doing and said, “You know it works better if you pull it back.”. My foreskin hadn’t been pulled back for 10 YEARs!! No problems with infection or disease, the skin had almost grown together, but after I was enlightened, and after a few months of trying to make my painful erections go away (learning to masturbate) I finally separated and stretched the skin back over my head, THank GOD IT’s FREE! Anyhow, as you could imagine, I was quite pissed about all the complication that being uncircumcised and uneducated about it had caused. For a while I wanted to have a circumcision, but as I was in the prime of my sexual discovery I decided against it, I think I made the right choice, I’d only have done it for aesthetic reasons.

My sons won’t be circumcised, that’s up to them, but I’ll damn well tell them to pull back that damn skin!

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I’m glad I read that, being a circumcised man who wants to have uncircumcised sons, that’s information that I’ll likely have to be the one to inpart on the youngsters that I wouldn’t have had unless you posted. Thanks.

P.S.-Doctors should just hand out something like “Uncut Penis Owner’s Manual” instead of just chopping it off, that’d make more sense.

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Yea, I think a lot of parents forget to show their sons to pull the skin back all the time and they don’t do it for the first time until they start masturbating and it really hurts for a while

Man, sounds like more trouble that it is worth. Thanks mom and dad for having me snipped when I didn’t realize it.

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The foreskin adheres to the penis head when we are first born, this is a protection for the very sensitive head. It should be gently pulled back as far as possible, without causing pain, until it is completely free. This should be done when mum bathes her newborn son and would usually be spread over a period of several weeks. When a baby boy is circumsised the Dr performing the operation forcibly pulls the skin away from the head, often causing bleeding and sever pain. Ever hear a baby scream when this is being done ? And the Dr will assure the people ’ It doesn’t hurt him a bit ’ of course it doesn’t … it’s the baby being cut up NOT the f**king Doctor !

I am circumcised and wouldn’t like it any other way.. According to most girls I have a very good looking penis (some have even said it looks like porn quality (except not being thick enough :P)), it’s sensitive enough for me (I wouldn’t know how it felt to be uncircumcised). I am not upset at all over it.. Other than really that it’s not to natural in the sense that we are born with it, why cut it off.. But I mean I am definitely fine with it. It’s nothing to be upset about.

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