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Circumcision Evil

Originally Posted by 67Mustang
Well. I assume these guys replying are Americans, or Canadians or Brits.

Here in Denmark, the majority of men is actually uncircumcised.
It appearently differs a lot from country to country. It was not until after recently, that i found out that it was normal practice in america and england.

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I am circumcised, and if I father any boys they will not be, if I have to stand guard and shoot anybody bringing a scalpel while they’re in the hospital. It’s poor medicine just to start with, nevermind the loss of sensation.

Tonsils don’t get taken out until they have to be, even though they could get infected.

I’m too lazy to look it up, you can search for it, but somewhere around here was a thread about religious/anti-masturbation reasons for circumsision. And since I believe religion is just an attempt to explain the workings of the world before science came about, and that masturbation is not going to end me up in a burning cesspool for eternity I totally disagree with all those reasons.

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I got it for non-religious reasons — because that’s what they did back in the day. Standard procedure. They were passing it off as medically necessary for reasons of hygiene (i.e. it’s easier to clean, less chance of infection.) Ok, so why not friggin’ teach parents/boys how to wash down there? Wouldn’t that be cheaper, easier, and make more sense?? :-s

I honestly don’t think it matters or changes your sex life unless (obviously) they screw up in the procedure. Some of the women I’ve been with were relieved to find that there’s not a lot of extra skin to worry about, or any surprises getting caught up underneath the skin. And yes, they had had both cut and uncut.

Apparently there is a difference with screwing styles. I heard on some talk show that men who are circumcized tend to use a longer thrust than men who are uncut. But that’s about it.

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I’m pissed that I am cut because now I don’t have a place to hide my gum when I’m playing basketball! Heh heh Heh


That is one of the most absurdly funny things I have heard in a good while.

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Since it’s done so darn early, how could you really say it’s bad, how would anyone know the difference? The only difference it makes for me is that it makes it easier to jelq! Go Judeo-Christian Values :rofl: !

Just to clear things up - it is pretty unusual to be circumcised in Britain.

I am cut (not happy about it), and I can only think of one other guy that I know that is…

See Ya,


I was actually considering getting a circumcision resently, due to my damaged and weak frenulum. Though, my doctor STRONGLY adviced me not to, as i would be very unsatisfied with the loss of sensitivity. He practicly said that circumcision is totally unneccessary. If you wash your dick daily (as i hope circumcised men also do?), there is NO risk of infection. i decided not to get circumcised.

And i hope the rest of the world, will stop deprive men from (most of) the sensitivity that makes sex so wonderful.

I have read that there are, on average, 320 male infant deaths in the US due to botched circumcisions. Still think it’s a neat idea ? Most are not correctly reported, hence the lack of an outcry against the practice. Also, a few men are suing the Dr who performed this operation without their consent and getting large payouts. This means insurance premiums will go through the roof and so fewer Drs will be willing to perform this barbaric practice. We have evolved over thousands of years. NOTHING we have is superfluous. Years ago tonsils were considered unnecessary and were routinely removed. When mistake was realised the practice was discontinued. The foreskin is loaded with nerves that contribute to the male orgasmic experience. Removing the foreskin also removes about 1/3 of those nerves and also causes the glans to harden thereby further reducing the males sexual pleasure. WTF would anyone want to do that ? Unless they have some ulterior motive. This belongs in the ’ sex is for procreation, not for pleasure ’ category. Besides, I love it when a woman loses control and bites my foreskin HARD !

Originally Posted by ZZferret

…We have evolved over thousands of years. NOTHING we have is superfluous. Years ago tonsils were considered unnecessary and were routinely removed. When mistake was realised the practice was discontinued…

I agree with what you say about circumcision, but I came to think of the appendix. I thought that was pretty superfluous?

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by mistakenid
This may be a strange question but was anybody circumcised as a child for non-religious reasons?
The reason I ask is that I recently found out why I was skinned, apparently I had an infection under my
Foreskin so the docs decided to scar me for life instead of actually treating the condition I had.
I’m not happy about that at all..

Anybody else feel the same way?


Same thing happened to me, and I have hated that decision (made on my behalf by doctors and parents) ever since.

It looks horrible, feels uncomfortable, is unnatural, less sensitive and is generally a ghastly procedure. I am working on restoration, and while it is going very slowly (as with all these things) the benefits I have had so far (increased sensitivity, some size) are worth it.

I am really pissed that they cut my umbilical cord without my consent. Do you know how much money I have had to spend on food since this unwarranted attack on my body. :D Hi, Mom!

My father was uncircumsized. He had my brother and I both circumsized and always told us how lucky we were to have been circumsized. In his day a mid-wife brought him in to the world and his mother was at home.

We are a Christian family so since it was good for Jesus it is good enough for me. I had no hesitation to have my 3 boys circumsized.

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According to Roman Catholic tradition the Feast of the Circumcision is on Jan.1st every year.

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