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Circumcised or uncircumcised

Hey bfit, im uncut.

Dry jelqing is easy if i ever feel like I need to jelq a bit.

I wish I could hang, but it’s pretty much impossible for me without pulling just skin.
I had really tight foreskin and I was just recently able to pull it down past the glans.
I havent found a way to hang without pulling the skin back (which is very painful).
I’ve gained about .5” length and .25 in girth (.5 base girth).

Orgasms are okay I suppose, most people where I’m from think it’s weird, but so far I haven’t
been turned down, but I’ve only been with 4 women so that’s not saying much.

Hope my info helped and good luck.

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Being cut can make jelqing and hanging easier.

Being uncut makes it easier to hide a turkey neck.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Off the top of my head, uncut guys do dry jelqs easier and cut guys do wet jelqs and hanging easier. Speed of gains has nothing to do with being uncut or cut.

Also, people talking that being cut is more sanitary don’t have a clue. :)

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Originally Posted by HugeWang69
All the girls I’ve been with think uncut is disgusting.

I’m with you in this. I like my uncut penis more but girls here in my country are disgusted and turned off by it. They were brainwashed by the thought that uncut penis are unhygienic.

Originally Posted by kimc
I’m uncut and when I’m flaccid it’s obvious but when I’m hard you can’t tell but I have seen some guys that’s foreskin still covers the head even when heard. I have to admit I have thought about getting cut, how long does it take to heal?

Mine healed within a week. Why would you want to have it circumcised?

Originally Posted by HugeWang69
All the girls I’ve been with think uncut is disgusting.

Only because you live in US. :)

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I’m uncut and I dont have any problems doing any excersises, I cant see how it would affect the gains in any negative way since it’s pretty much the inside of your penis that is affected, not the foreskin.

On a side note. I think the cut penis looks better then the uncut one but I would never go through with a circumcision, not in my adult age. Medical studies say that cut penises tend to develope a less sensitive glans resulting in better sex for the uncut one. I’d take that pleasure over the cosmetic part anyday =)

Originally Posted by troubadoue
Circumcision is a form of child abuse. Report child abusers to your local authorities.

I have to totally agree with you. I think that unless for medical reasons then cutting should be banned, it’s nothing but mutilation and on children certainly a form of abuse as the child has no choice here. We naturally would be disgusted by the practice of female circumcision by some in North Africa and Asia and rightly so, so why do we tolerate it in males? Personally I don’t like looking at cut dicks and prefer au naturale.

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I prefer being uncircumcised.

But,different people,different opinions.

The opinion of women about uncut vs. Cut I think the general thought in the US is that cut is best, but in Europe Uncut is preferred, at least in Scandinavia.

Lol I’m kinda in the middle.. Partially circumcised..

I had pretty bad phimosis (really tight foreskin.. So tight you can’t retract the penis without pain) till I was 20 and decided to get it fixed.. (At that point I’d only retracted it maybe 5times in my entire life!)
So they offered to completely take off the foreskin or just take a part off so it would fix the tightness..

I opted for the partial circumcision because at that point the head of my penis had never come out so was EXTREMELY sensitive.. I wouldn’t even have been able to walk without wrapping it up or something..
But looking back I think I should have just gone with the full circumcision.

Originally Posted by LordVayne
Q: Does it affect your gains?
A: I doubt it, though being cut/uncut doing certain excercises makes them easier/harder.

Q: Which are you?
A: Cut, been cut since I was a baby.

Q: Does it matter to her
A: I’d say it’s slightly in favor of cut from the girls I’ve talked to. Some find uncut disgusting and say it’s unsanitary, gives you easier std’s yadda yadda, others love uncut so much and most who haven’t had one are very curious to try 1. Me and a friend of mine had to show this chick the difference because she had never seen an uncut 1 b4, so we both “whipped it out” and she prefered my buddies uncut dick.

The question is was your buddys dick bigger that could be the reason she liked it more.

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Q: Does it affect your gains?
A: I don’t know because I have only experienced PE one way, but it does make a bit of a difference technique wise when hanging or Jelquing

Q: Which are you?
A: I am uncircumcised and have been since before birth. :)

Q: Does it matter to her
A: My foreskin usually isn’t the first thing a girl comments on, but I have found they actually seem to quite like it. There are definitely times that I want to get circumcised (and probably would have already if it weren’t so expensive) but the general consensus has been that I should not change a thing.

I’ve had some girls say that an uncircumcised penis doesn’t look like a real penis and that it doesn’t feel as good.

*You're in the right place – all the information you could ever need about PE is only a forum search away!*

Take your time, pick a simple routine you can stick to, and be consistent in your efforts. Patience is the key.

I think a big uncut unit is going to get most women super wet and if you are in good shape and you are a good kisser, then I think you will be able to get them off.

It’s just about carrying yourself with some swag and thrusting like a champion.

Life is too short to worry about it. Every girl has a different looking clam I’m just trying to get inside it.

But just keep your head up either way and you get jelqing at 85% downward and you get a THICK unit, either way, you will win.

I was circumcised when born and the thought of being butchered pissed me off.

So years ago I decided to grow back my foreskin and I did get it to go halfway

over my glands, But I also decided to resume PE. In my opinion, I believe the

extra foreskin helped my quick gains. I gained about (don’t really remember anymore,

I have to go back and read my thread) 1.5 inches in just less than a year, but as

a result, I lost the foreskin gains.

Now then, I believe my extra foreskin helped because I did not have to grow extra

skin while PEing. We all know when gaining, not only does your ligs get longer, but

the skin has to grow with your ligs as well which can slow down your lig gains. The

only form of PEing was stretching/pulling and clamping and the newbie.

Once again, the extra foreskin was the best thing I did do before resuming PEing, but I

must post, as I did with my PE routine, learned this all by accident. Hope this all

makes sense.

Originally Posted by HugeWang69

All the girls I’ve been with think uncut is disgusting.

Interesting, all the girls I’ve been with like my uncut

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