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Circumcised frenulum tearing?

Circumcised frenulum tearing?

Hi, I’ve known about PE for a few years now, but only started recently, going from 6.5” and aiming for 7.5” to 8”. :) I am also circumcised but still with some frenum/frenulum and am wondering whether this can hinder PE in any way.

I’ve read that its not as “stretchy” as the shaft skin and that guys with foreskins can tear it during vigorous masturbation or sex because of this. However, mine is basically a line from my glans to about 1 1/4 inches down to the circ scar and it does go whiter than the skin around it when I’m stretching because it is getting more taught than the surrounding skin, so I was wondering if stretching it too much can cause it to tear?

:jelq: I want to be able to stretch a bit harder because I can feel that the rest of my penis can take it, but the other day I got a red mark on my frenum. However I think this was just a small blood spot under the skin but it got me thinking about the above question. :-k

Anyone here who is circumcised had any bad experiences with their remaining frenums (if they have them) and PE?

Thanks a lot for any info guys, and not just on this thread either - the whole site is a goldmine!


Oh, sorry guys, I forgot to mention that the reason why my frenulum is getting so taught is because I also want to increase the hang of my testes, so I stretch my scrotum down whilst streching my penis (so that in pulling on the scrotum I’m not merely pulling shaft skin down).

My frenum been torn twice by a girlfriend who was a little too enthusiastic. It bleed a lot but it didn’t hurt later found out on a radio sex chat that it’s actually very common. But I never had any trouble while stretching.

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Hey Brick, thanks for the reply.

Just to clarify, are you circumcised? Because I am and, in case you missed it, I was asking whether its possible to stretch the remnants of a frenulum on a circumcised penis too far so it tears.

Thanks again for the reply, and happy gaining! :p

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