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Chubby penis


Chubby penis

Hello all!

I’m new to the site, but not really new to PE, but have struggled to gain any significant results so far. My main focus is on gaining girth, since I’d like a more chubbier than longer penis (right now it’s 7.4 inches length and 5.7 inches girth). I’ve looked up into the newbie routine and wanted to start off with that, so like 10 minute jelqs. But my question is, will I lose any effects on the girth if I let out the stretching from the routine?

No you would not lose girth benefits. Stretching is known as a length exercise. However people have often reported base girth gains from stretching as well.

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

I think I’ll stick to them a bit too then. One more thing though.. In the newbie routine,it says there’s a 10 minute jelq time that you have to do.. However,200 3-second strokes seem like way too much to start off with.Or am I just going too slow with it?

As in,I can’t do 200 strokes in 10 minutes,lol. So should one stick with the 10 minutes or the 200 strokes?

Do just 2 strokes, for starting. You know, you do a stroke, than you drink a beer, than do another stroke. 10 minutes total.

For what it is worth, you have a very very chubby penis already. And it is long too. You have a very big dick.

If you want to make it bigger, knock yourself out. But you should go into it with a positive feeling!

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You are doubly blessed, as not every 7.4 inch penis has 5.7 inch girth. And vice versa.

Ignore this post if you already know that you have a really big dick.

Originally Posted by tbone4567
However,200 3-second strokes seem like way too much to start off with.Or am I just going too slow with it?

You could also ramp up more slowly, take a look at this alternate newbie routine:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

I have to agree with Sta-kool, the linear routine has done wonders for me so far

BPEL - 5 5/8" --- Goal 6"

MSEG - 4.5 " ---- Goal 4.75 "

Thank you for the well explained posts, Sta- kool! I didn’t know that I have a ”really” big dick, I just thought it’s more on the long side than on the girth side. That’s actually coming from my first ex-gf who said it looked too skinny, so yeah..

The alternative does sound pretty good actually, the gradual build up seems better that way if you do every stroke the right way. I’ll stick to that and see how it works.

5.7 inch girth and you still want more? The fuck? Let’s trade!

Check out the n00b routine that sta-kool posted a link to. I think everyone should start out with that.

You are drifting toward the type of proportions that I have. I am a shade shorter and a shade chubbier than you. Last I measured I was 7.25X6.25 inches. And while I would certainly take an additional 3/4” in length from the penis fairy, I am not all that sure that I want chubbier. Are you looking for the mythological 8X6”s? Given your starting stats, that is likely achievable as a midterm goal.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by tbone4567
That’s actually coming from my first ex-gf who said it looked too skinny

HA HA, Take anything an ex-gf says with a huge grain of salt.

I agree with iamaru, I think you would have no problem hitting 8x6.

And you are not going to have to do anything extreme to get there.

I didn’t do linear newbie, but I did start out with something very similar.

I basically gained an inch in length and a half inch in girth with manual PE + low pressure light pumping. For me most of the length came pretty quickly, the extra girth was slower. That I think is pretty typical.

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Originally Posted by sta-kool
HA HA, Take anything an ex-gf says with a huge grain of salt.

Second that. Girls have a highly unstable chemical in them called ESTROGEN, this ‘chemical’ makes them very unlikely to know the difference between left and right and most certainly unable to take measurements of anything whether it be length or girth, they also tend to be highly influenced by what their friends and media tells them to think, especially regarding penis size, no joke.

One time an ex-girlfriend called up my new-girlfriend (who I was sleeping with) and told the new girl all my faults, especially that I had a “tiny dick.”

The new girlfriend found this hilarious. She had first hand experience with my dick and knew it wasn’t “tiny.”

This just goes to show you that ex-girlfriends will say pretty much anything if they are pissed enough.

Yepp, another good example of the ‘Estrogen-effect’ there sta.

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