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Chicken Neck

Chicken Neck

Ok help me out here guys. I have two questions for you pro.’s out there.

#1 I have no problem with girth or girth gains, in fact I need to be careful because I have been clamping and noticing large base growth but not a lot on the glands, so I am working on that. I have not noticed any length gains and was wondering how to achieve that. Length is the real goal for me, is hanging going to be needed, or am I messing up by clamping also? Keep girth down till length is up?

#2 I think you refer to it as chicken neck. Well mine goes about 3” up my shaft, how can I help get rid of this, I really think it takes away from the overall appearance. I would assume that you stretch the skin on the base of the shaft, but does that make your bag drag lower?

BPEL=7.5” Girth=6.75”

You already have plenty of girth, so concentrating on hanging might be the way to go. One inexpensive way is to construct your own hanger and I think the Captn’s Wench is an effective and comfortable hanger. - The Captn’s Wench: PE Device Considering your girth, it’s already too late to keep the girth down till length is up, but I am not a big believer in that theory anyways.

We usually refer to that condition as turkey neck, but what the hell, if chicken is your thing. If it really bothers you, I think the only way to reduce it is by an available surgical procedure. If you are interested, I could find a link.

Turkey neck. Period. Don’t envolve chickens in this one:)

But love please tell me, have you finished the newbie routine?

And I would advise jelqing, cause it will even out your penis, and particulary if you are clamping you should jelq to regulate free bloodflow.

Ok first no I have not done the newbie routine, have no idea where to find it.

I have been doing PE and jelqing off and on for a few years before ever finding this site. It was nice finding this site and actually being able to put a term to things and checking out other peoples ideas.

I think the first thing I got was a pump about seven years ago and used it for several months, then fell off the wagon, job change, kids, house ect.

My new job afforded me some good points and bad points, first is the bad point. I work a lot of hours. The good point is there are several 30 min. Periods durring the day I can work on it.

Bad part most work outs are 20min long, no heating, and dry. Good part is they are stretched out all day.

So yes I do jelq, but dry. That was how I have been working on evening out the tapper.

Also for some reason chicken made more sense to me than Turkey due to the whole choking the chicken expression.

Ok then what you need to do first is use the searc option and type in ” newbie routine”. And follow it for the time it says.

Doing PE on and off isn’t enough to prepare your penis for the intense excercises, clamping particulary.

One other thing is that setting aside the posibility of an injury, you will lose valuable newbie gains if you don’t do the newbie routine first.

gprent and Chicken gave you some really good advice.

I would drop the clamping (this is mostly a girth exercise as it is) and maybe do jelqing with a lower erection level. If you can hang, great; if you can’t, then do some manual stretching. With a tunica that thick I’d recommend looking into inverted V-stretching and/or fulcrum hanging. Food for thought.

Yes I have stopped clamping, and the lower erection jelqing is what I have started to make things more uniform. Fulcrum Hanging? Inverted V-stretching? Time to go searching.

Hey thanks for all of the help. You guys are a wealth of knowledge

Ok I have gone back and searched through the posts and found the items you were talking about. Currently I do kind of the same thing, start out full erect and do a full downward stretch until 3/4 erect then proceed to fold in half at 3/4 erect and work that fold up and down the length. I feel that I am getting a very good stretch. I alternate this from side to side and to the center.

Is there a risk of injury by folding at 3/4 erect?

Originally Posted by Chicken

And I would advise jelqing, cause it will even out your penis,

I thouyght so too. My dick looks pretty funny now. The measurments are near each other but stilll…. THe base to midshaft seems to be the smallest (although measurments prove otherwise), midshaft is a lot bigger than the base, then it very gradually gets smaller towards the head. Kind of hard to explain.

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