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Check this out an tell me if im doin ok..

Check this out an tell me if im doin ok..

Ok here it goes… I start of with a hot zip lock baggy with hot water in it to do hot wrap.. Zip lock baggy holds heat longer..For 5 mins.. Then I do 100 3 sec jelqs..(25 switching each hand 4 times) Then whenever I have spare time I do another 100.. 400 jelqs usually through the day.. How do you think my gains would be? Is this a good routine? I spend almost 30mins on each 100 set i do.

(try zip lock baggy their kewl) ;p

and kegles all the time

I thought of the zip lock bag thing as a warm up but never put it to use so you get to take the credit. Apparently it works fine.

Your routine looks ok but you may want to add some stretches.

100 three sec jelqs should take only about 5-6 min, warmup before and after makes it about 16 min each 100, i don’t know how you are taking 30 min per 100. If you could do all 400 at a sitting it would be about 25 min jelq and another 10 for the warmup and warm down (thirty five or forty total).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


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You seem to be starting out with quite a heavy jelqing routine, and no stretches. In the first two months of PE you are probably most likely to injure yourself, as the penis has yet to build up sufficient strength to deal with long or intense routines.

Check luvdadus’ Newbie Routine for a good way to build up slowly and avoid injury.

It would probably be worth considering adding stretches to your routine (be they JAI’s, DLD Blasters or simply static stretches).

If you do any of your jelqing without warming up you are probably asking for trouble.

Hope that helps.

Luvadadus got there first again :D


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