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Cheap pumps, do they work OK

Cheap pumps, do they work OK

Hi guys,

I was wondering if a cheap pump will give me the same results as a expensive one, I do have problems with PEing cause I have a herniated disk. Can’t do all the jelqing. So what I was wondering is would one of those cheap pumps work or did I just waste money. My routine so far is ads for 3-4 hours a day and I want to add pump in for two sets of ten. Think that would be good enough?

Originally Posted by raven01
Hi guys,

I was wondering if a cheap pump will give me the same results as a expensive one

My recommendation would be not to buy something cheap. Get a good quality pump with a GAUGE, its real important to know what pressure your pumping at. For two reasons, you don’t want to overdue the pressure and at the same time you don’t want it too low or you won’t get the benefit from it.

Everyone has there own opinion I’m sure on brands, I got the deluxe from LA Pump and I’m quite happy with it. The biggest concerns I’ve heard from people are cracking tubes, but I haven’t had any problems so far.

Good luck.

What travelguy said.

A cheap pump will work well for a cheap amount of time. Then you’ve got problems even if you didn’t already because you didn’t have a pressure gauge.

See the Pumper’s Forum, too. Some of the mechanically-inclined guys have built their own for very little money. They tell you how.



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