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Changing routine to accomodate privacy issues

Changing routine to accomodate privacy issues

This summer, I am going on a 1-2 month long trip with friends and will not have the privacy that is usually available to me. What can I do with the newbie routine in order to make it possible for me to PE with a lack of privacy in mind? The only time I will have alone is when I am in the bathroom (yeah, it sucks) and taking a shower.

I was thinking along the lines of this:

4 or 5 On / 1 Off
2-3 minute warm-up
2-3 minute stretch
50-100 jelqs
2-3 minute warm-up

This would probably be a good 10-20 minutes in the bathroom, which isn’t too suspicious. Does it sound any good?

Start: 5.25x4.75 8/2006

Now 6.0x5.125 10/17/2008

Goal: 7.5x5.5

Sounds good, also after taking a piss you can get in a few stretches.

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