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Changing extender

Changing extender

Hello everyone,

Sorry for another extender question.

As the Penimaster gave a lot of discomfort, problems with circulation, only able to wear it for one hour etc. (Strap)

I already found that it would be much better to have the modified head from VacExtender. Nevertheless, I can only wear it with stealth and I was therefore thinking about the Phallosan.

What would you do in this situation? Getting the modified head or buy the Phallosan (which seems very comfortable).

I searched the forums but could anyone give me advice about what to do next? I already damaged some sensitivity on the glans..

Thanks in advance,

Before wasting money with a new device let me spend few words.

I have a Penimaster too. The very first days I was ready to put it on sale on ebay, but after getting used to it I have to say that wearing it is not so bad.

About the discomfort I use an infant sock that I did cut and placed just under the glans. It works fine and the skin is not pinched.

Do not pull the strap too hard and keep the PM in the upright position so it won’t slip away.

Just my 2 cents. I hope this helps.

Hi crek88, thank you for your message.

I tried the suggestions you just mentioned, but the problem is that the glans darken after it’s placed and it doesn’t seem so healthy. I tried several straps from the box but the problem remains with the circulation. Furthermore, I really have to lay still for the Penimaster without loosening everything up. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I even tried to use a sock and some bandage together, but the problems remains. Also, when I put it on, it doesn’t seem that giving more length to the rods by these screws don’t increase the pressure (or only minimal). It’s never going further than a little bit of the fifth stripe.

I am not sure why the most of the members here don’t have much issues with the Penimaster. It looks like that if I continue with this, I will end up damaging it more.

Hmmmm, I guess you have to wait for a reply from somebody more experienced than I am..

In any case my sessions usually last 60/90 minutes no more than that because it hurts. The glans sometimes is darker and/or cold but never dumb.

At this point I take a 15/30 minutes break and put it on again. So far I did add 700+ hours. I will measure my friend at the beginning of July.

I can’t give you numbers but what I see doesn’t disappoint me..

Good luck and happy gains !

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I use a Dahan one I got off eBay. I wrap my penis in a cotton strip and then wear it. It is very comfortable.

Keep the Penimaster and replace the noose or strap with a Cloth Croakie. 9_in_Richard’s idea works great and will save you a lot of money.

Croakie sounds like an inexpensive way to try an alternative strap in method before spending big money on a new device.

I went with the VacExtender mod kit and I am very pleased with the improved comfort. I can only speak for the VacExtender. You will have to wait for a Phallosan user to see if that device has additional benefits. I have read that the Phallosan cap and sleeve is more comfortable than the VacExtender cap and sleeve. However, the two work on different principals regarding the application of tension to the stretched penis.

Wow, thank you all for the great answers!

I’ll try the Croakie / cotton strip (Not a native speaker, but it seems that it’s the cloth one uses to clean his glasses) first to see what kind of relief it will give me. If that wouldn’t work, I’ll go with the Vac as that one will def. Keep things together. Indeed, it will save a lot of money. Thank you kindly. When I break 8, I’ll donate! Cheers

I am a newbie to PE just a little over 2 weeks. I was interested in trying an extender, could someone tell me how long I should wait before using an extender?

Spunkie, I would wait to finish the 90 day beginner routine. You could play around with an all day stretcher (ADS), however, to get a feel for device stretching and start conditioning your dick for the more stressful extender.

Sorry getting back so late dtwarren1942, I have doing a lot of research into ADS systems. Is there one ADS system that you prefer over another? I have been looking at the VacExtender Jes kit. This offers quite a few different systems to stretch your penis. It is rated highest in penis extenders on this site.

Originally Posted by Chezzomo
Hello everyone,
Sorry for another extender question.,,,

Just for your info, I was browsing today the penimaster site and they did come up with a vacuum head and a brand new ADS.
I suggest you to contact them and see if they have an upgrade policy.

P.S. The new models do NOT come cheap

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