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Cementing Gains


Originally Posted by remek

Great advice. ;)

BTW, I did a search for your routine and came up empty. Is it anywhere on TP?

I have posted it numeral times remek, for instance here.

Originally Posted by Beginner91
So permanently cementing gains is indeed possible? When weight lifting, eventually your body will lose the muscle mass it has built up if you stop altogether. This process takes awhile, as I stopped lifting for a few months once, lost a lot of strength, but very little muscle mass. Is this the same with PE? I figure it might be totally different. Could you cement gains and then never PE again and keep them? I am not saying I would ever do this, as PE seems to be easier than weight lifting and I probably will weight lift for the rest of my life, so it doesn’t even seem like a big inconvenience.

The penis is totally different than any other muscle in your body, never forget that. It is possible to cement your gains and never have to do PE while keeping your gains. The only problem you will get over time is losing erectile strength and wasting your penile health, something that isn’t desirable at all.

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What is, your erectile stretch and what health benefits does PE give your penis?

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Once PE is stopped you can LOSE erectile strength and it is bad for your penile health? That doesn’t sound good at all. So unless I want a limp, sick penis, I am doing PE forever? lol


Thank you for the link.

TGC Theory | Who Says The Penis Isn't a Muscle?

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