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Cell death from hanging

Cell death from hanging

So I’ve been hanging with the Bibstarter for a little over a month now. I heard hanging for too long can cause cell death. Are there any signs that I can look for on my penis that indicate that cell death has occured? I don’t really what the signs and symptoms, so I’d appreciate any help on this topic. Thanks.

Nov 25, 2012 -> BPEL 5.7, MEG 4.75

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Keep the sets to a maximum of 20 minutes to prevent that from happening, anything over that and cell death might start happening. Check on your unit during sets also as you don’t want your head getting blue/ purple.

I hang for 30 minute sets in 10 minute parts to change weights and adjust the hanger and I’ve never felt undue discomfort or pain, unless the hanger twists or slips.

I do get the purple head happening, but never any necrosis, and the blood flow always returns after a few seconds or so.

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Originally Posted by falalaland
I heard hanging for too long can cause cell death.


Just like any PE, hanging has to potential to cause serious harm if you do it incorrectly. Stop at the first hint of anything going wrong. And invest 10 minutes of heat and massage for every 20 in the hanger.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Bad sign are a colder penis, darkening, tingling or loss of sensitivity. It has to be written in the newbie section somewhere.

So should my penis NEVER be cold while hanging? I always thought cool glans were normal. But hanging today, I noticed my glans are actually warm! Very unusual for me. So maybe I’ve been hanging with bad form all along?

The only difference in my hanging technique comparing then and now is that I’m at 5 lbs instead of 2.5 lbs now, and I tightened my hanger maybe 2mm tighter.


EDIT: Never mind, my glans started cooling down again after 5 mins. Maybe low temperature glans while hanging IS normal.

Nov 25, 2012 -> BPEL 5.7, MEG 4.75

Goal -> BPEL 7.0, MEG 6.0

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