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Cause of Curves

Cause of Curves

My penis curves to the right, it’s a gradual curve and not a big deal, but I would like to correct it.

When I get a semi and then stretch it, then squeeze the sides of it with my finger tips I can feel that the left side is larger and spongy and the right side is smaller and much more firm.

I believe the firmness of the right side of the CC will limit my gains on the right side, which will only add to my curve, as it just seems like the spongy left side is more likely to grow.

Are there any exercises to turn a stiff CC into a spongy one?

You could try fulcrum stretches right at the curved area, in the opposite direction of the curve. I’ve never corrected a curve myself, but fulcrum type stretches, and extenders appear to be most recommended for curvature. Also try putting a heat pad right at the curve also - heat should soften up the area and if you just put heat specifically to the curve, and fulcrum stretch, it would make sense in theory that you should be able to help things along.

Hopefully someone who has corrected this issue can chime in, but if it were me, I would only heat the curved area, and concentrate only on heating, and fulcrum stretching of the area without doing any sort of length related stretching. A targeted approach until you are satisfied.

If your not bothered by it, and want a bigger penis this may not be for you however.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

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I’m only really bothered by it in the sense that the right side is firm and seems to be lacking in size compared to the left size, and when I jelq it feels like the left side is getting a better work out, even, if I jelq towards to left. I have been doing PE type exercises even before I knew PE worked because of this, and focused on trying to make the right side bigger, with no luck. Is it possible that this is just the way it is and the type of CC (spongy vs firm) cannot be changed?

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