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Caring more about flaccid size then erect?


Originally Posted by peforeal
Larger flaccid size was always my priority when I started PE, and I’ve achieved that. Why? It’s all about ego and getting over adolescent inferiority complexes.

That about sums it up for me too.

Hard is way way way more important. A really rock hard erection pleases a woman far more that massive soft size. I started to PE to get harder and last longer. I actually have gained an inch in length and 1/4 inch in girth over the past year. By far though I feel way more confident knowing that I can tear it up when I need to and not worry about going soft.

How do I improve my NBPEL?

My Wife is happy with my erect size. Multiple orgasms etc..

Flaccid size was always my hangup at high school and flaccid size is what it’s all about for me!

I’ve never really been teased or anything, I am just somewhat vain and a bit of a perfectionist - I want to be as good as possible, mentally and physically. And I guess I feel a large flaccid just looks good.

Originally Posted by peforeal
It’s all about ego and getting over adolescent inferiority complexes.


Well, don’t you gain flaccid size faster then erect size.

Flaccid can be embarrassing. I am 3 inches at the moment, which I really want to get to 5, and seeing as I have had people tell me it is possible in 6 months to get 2 flaccid, 1 erect.

I just want it for the looks and confidence. I hated showering in high school, even though there were hardly any of the guys who were larger anyways, I always longed for a longer cock in both flaccid and erect.


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