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Can't understand how to use the extender

Can't understand how to use the extender

Hi everybody, I received my extender, but I don’t know how to use it. Let me explain: I can set the length(atting parts) and I can set the spring force.
Now, what length should I set the extender at?

I thought to do this way:
Set the extender springs to the minimum force, that is the longer setup for the extender, then add pieces to the extender until I equal my BPEL.

Next step should be: set springs to higher force, then add other pieces to reach my erect length again (since more force means pre compressed springs I.e. Shorter device).and so on

Am I wrong? I don’t want to start using it until you explain me how to do.
Thanks for your help

What extender do you have? What I do is below - I have the sizegenetics extender.

  1. put the base on facing the right way.
  2. put the comfort foam on.
  3. put the strap on (not connected to the base yet) and at the first few notches where it isn’t very tight.
  4. stretch your penis holding the head and pull on the skin under the comfort foam to stretch it out.
  5. tighten strap one notch - repeat above. Do this tighten/comfort/tighten/comfort until you are at a good tight grip
  6. put on enough ‘legs’ to give your penis an easy stretch, wait a couple minutes.
  7. put on enough legs and screw out to set the extender in the first of the three marks and wait 15 minutes
  8. screw out every 15 minutes to keep the mark in the middle, adding legs as needed
  9. eventually you will find you don’t need to add anymore, that is where you should be at, but still check/add every so often

* note: putting the legs on after initial easy stretch involves screwing the legs down to the bottom, then pulling the spring down and unscrewing them. Then you add in the next increment and reverse, ie slip it in, pull the spring down, screw it on, then screw the leg back up till the mark is in the middle.

10/2010: ~bpe 6.2x4.8, 1/2011: bpe 6.5x5, 2/2011: bpe 6.75x5.1, 3/2011: bpe 7x5.1, 4/2011: bpe 7.25x5.1, 6/2011: bpe 7.38x5.1

My status thread

What kind of grip is your extender?

I have a noose kind of extender, and I simply couldn’t bare the pain of the original silicon noose it came with after wearing for one hour or so.
I had to take it out, and since then have tried with all different kinds of material.
So far the noose that worked best was a cotton braid I made myself. I can wear it for hours with a little cushion in between the cord and the glans.
My npbel is around 6 inches and I use the extender at around 5.2 inches, at minimal force on the screws and longer setup for extender.

One day I had only one hour to use it so I decided to unscrew it to maximum force, getting almost to 6 inches. After one hour I had hurt myself :)
So my opinion is that you should wear it 1 inch less than your nbpel, unless of course you can handle more. I certainly can’t.

I use an X4. I am currently using it with a VacExtender Mod Kit, which has made it easier and more comfortable to use, but that is a whole new thread. When I first started using it, I found that it worked best when I wrapped my shaft with self sticking “Ace” type medical tape and set the extension bars at a length that allowed me to stretch my flaccid up to the mounting cradle such that I could place the strap and tighten it about 1/2” to 3/4” below the glans. At this point the tension of the springs was low (three lines showing on my X4 - 600 gr.). I would then slowly screw out the bars to increase the tension to about 800 gr (second line just showing). High tension should not be used until you are well conditioned - at least 250 hours. With the X4, I did not compare stretched length with EL, but concentrated instead on the level of tension being applied- 800 gr and adjusted the bars to maintain this tension.

If you do not have a way to measure the tension, I would adjust the bars to a length that allows you to remain in the extender for 1,5 hours without undue discomfort or slipping out of the strap. When starting to use an extender, less is better until you have conditioned your dick to withstand higher tension.

Thanks everybody. I’ll let you know about my gains :)

Happy times. ;)

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