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Can't target the ligaments with stretches

Can't target the ligaments with stretches

I am uncircumcised and as the title says, when I stretch I can’t target the ligaments. I always end up pulling the skin. I ve tried gripping harder but it’s not as effective as I was hoping and once I got some burst capillaries on the glans. I was wondering if there is any kind of grip that would help get to target the ligaments. I ve also been thinking about wrapping some type of sticker tape around the penis and grip there, would that help? I haven’t experienced the newbie gains everyone talks about and I am wondering if it’s because of this. Thanks in advance!

Pull the skin back and apply something like baby powder on the glans to make it grip easier. Then try stretching straight down. You can even draw in your stomach to emphasize the stretch a bit.

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Stretch straight down or between the cheeks. Reach from behind, between your legs, grab your dick and pull toward your ass crack.

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