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Can't Stop the Girth

Can't Stop the Girth

Hola people,

I find that my girth continues to increase, even though I don’t want it to. At the last official measurement it was 6.2” midshaft, but today it appears to be more around 6.35”-6.4” midshaft.

I understand if people are annoyed at me complaining about my girth, as it is already above average, but you must be able to understand the limiting aspect of it too. It’s difficult to find larger condoms in the UK (I have failed so far), and BJs will be gradually more difficult to have.

The routine I am currently doing consists of low level jelqs (30-50% erect) and rotary stretches, so I don’t understand why the girth is still increasing. The BPEL appears to be increasing also (great!) but the girth increase is unwelcome. How ironic on a PE site.

Any suggestions of what I can do (or not do) to prevent further girth gains? I’m not here for insults or arguments, just help.

Thanks, A-HW

How about a update in the modified newbie thread Aim-High Willis? I am sure there are lots of newbies wondering if the routine I posted is effective.

I would not worry much about the girth increase. Probably more a post session pump then a actual girth gain. My suggestion is to stick to the routine and keep measuring. You will be done in only 18 days so you should not expect much cemented girth gain.

Ah yes, Babbis. I will post an update in there in just a moment.

drilla9, do you think they’d be a good fit? I kind of have a baseball bat look going, but the base and head aren’t that much smaller than the mid-shaft.

Jelq at 20-40% erection, when you go above 40% (slight) girth gains will come.

Thanks Bird2, I’ll try and tone down the percentage. Hopefull that will also focus even more on length (which is what I want).

8” NBPEL is what I’m hoping for. It’s not impossible. :D

I wouldn’t jelk at all. Just stretch and hang. Try to stretch some of that thickness into length :)

Horny Bastard

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