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Can't PE enough

Can't PE enough

Hi everyone,

During the past few months I have not been able to PE much due to the fact that there is a lack of privacy. The only time I’m able to do it is during the weekends but I haven’t gained much as I know that is not enough time.Soon I hope to be able to do it during the week too, but meanwhile I only jelq and clamp during the weekends.I feel like I waste a lot time during the week because I can’t PE. Has anybody ever had a similar situation? What kind of exercise do you recommend during the week that won’t take longer than 5 minutes? I’ve also heard about ADS, has someone gained with this method, and can I buy this device or make it? Thanks for your help.

Most guys in similar situation spread their routine over the course of the day. You can buy a devicee if you think you need it.

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The device would be for the time during when I can’t PE which is during the week. But I want to know if I can make one. I’m pretty sure there’s a thread about it somewhere but I can’t find it. Thanks for your comment.

At night before you go to sleep, take half of an hour in manual stretching in your bed with the lights out. That should be doable even if you live in a dorm room.


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Ohh, if for that reason then an extender woud work very well. There are a lot of informaitonabout homemade extenders on the site. Here’s a good one Paul’s Homemade Penis Extender. Very simple to construct and looks efficient.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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Clamping might be something worth trying.

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Now I know you can take a ten minute shower break. Go into the bathroom lock the door.
Take a shower for three minutes this is your warm up.
Sit on the toilet and stretch it for two minutes.
Then for eight minutes jelq.
The steam in the bathroom can serve as constant warming.
You may find that you can get away with longer periods.

After you urinate do piss stretches.
Drink lots of water so you have several piss breaks throughout the day.
And perhaps you can fit in a few dry jelqs after a few stretches.

When you are in bed at night under the covers, stretch for ten minutes. Do some dry jelqs under the covers.
Don’t forget to kegel you can do those at anytime.

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Well said, kingpole.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Happy

Well said, kingpole.

Thank you, and I meant every word of it.hehehe!

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Perhaps also added bed fowfers?

Thanks everyone. All great and doable ideas.

I have a question related to this somewhat. (My apologies if I hi-jack the thread)

Is it better to spread out the daily routine, or is it better to do it all in one sitting (like an hour or so)?

For instance; the newbie routine takes about 40 minutes start to finish. Say I do not have a 40 minute time block, and instead I break up the routine into 5-10 minute segments done at different periods in the day. Would I still have the same overall effect? What about warm up/down time if the routine is broken up throughout the day?

I have done both methods simply out of time constraints but was unable to determine if there were significant reasons for one method over the other. The 1-time session allowed for prolonged mental focus and intensity as well as proper warming up/down. On the days that I have spread the routine out, I have noticed prolonged increased flaccid size and a more intense feeling during the PE (although this may be due to dry-jelqing vs. Wet-jelqing)

Have any members here noticed differences in PE effectiveness based on these routine time implementation methods?

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