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Can't Maintain consistent erection

Can't Maintain consistent erection

Ok, so I just got done doing my second session of the Newbie Routine. I’m uncut, so I had a little problem with the manual excercises. Should I pull my skin back, then hold a inch below my glans and pull? I had to use a second hand to add additional force as well as to keep my “ok” grip from slipping forward due to the foreskin pulling that way. But my main concern is the erection quality when I jelq. I’d have to watch porn to get a bit of a erection right after I do my manual stretches. I’d use a gentle stroke to get it erect to about 80%. Then I’ll start jelqing but as I’m jelqing, about 2 mins into it, I’ll notice my erection will feel a little weaker. I’m anywhere between 50-80% erect throughout the whole session. I’ll sometimes stop jelqing and do a light stroke to get back up again to 80%. Will this cause a problem and hinder my gains? Or Will it be easier as time goes by?

If your erection goes down, just get it back up and continue on. It will not hinder. I am also uncut and pull the skin back and hold a little under the glans. As time goes by, you will find it easier and more effective as you learn.

Try some warming lubricant and some HD porn.


Perhaps the porn has bcome boring for you. Go lady watching, use your imagination and undress them with your eyes.

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