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Can't Jelq for 4 months only stretch will my girth decrease

Can't Jelq for 4 months only stretch will my girth decrease

Hey Guys!

In a while I will be travelling around the world and may have some troubles jelqing because I can’t bring enough lubrication gel with me to supply me for 4 months. And I don’t want to quit PE now when I have started it quite recently so what do you guys think will happen if I only do stretches during these 4 months? Will I gain in lenght but decrease I girth if I only stretch and don’t jelq or will I just gain length and maintain my girth?

What do you guys think?

I believe there are drugstores world wide that will sell you lube. Do you have some special need or something?

I know that 1 bottle of baby oil will last a very long time.

Just do dry jelqs when you can, and don’t focus on PE while traveling! It’s wrong! Wrong I say!;)

Have fun!

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Unless you have some special need like gprent mentioned, they’re plenty of products you can use to wet jelq.

Off the top of my head: hand cream, baby oil, coco butter, liquid soap, shampoo, cooking oil, conditioner, bar soap (if you jelq in the shower), etc.

Creamy baby oil is the way to go. Or dry jelqs.

Warning about girth. I stopped all PE when my wife died. Had made some nice gains (for me) in length and girth. Now, almost two months later, it kind of looks funny. Length stayed, girth has gone.

Gurki, liquid soap or cooking oil is not a good idea to use on your penis if you want your skin to remain the same.

But I agree with thatcat, try dry jelqing here and there, but don’t focus on PE too much, rather focus on enjoying yourself.

Originally Posted by Chicken
Gurki, liquid soap or cooking oil is not a good idea to use on your penis if you want your skin to remain the same.

I would personally use cream or baby oil, but I listed those other products as alternatives in case for some weird reason, he couldn’t find the typical products used for pe where he’s travelling.

OK thanks guys..

But the thing is that I will be sailing around the world so I won’t always be able to buy some baby oil or whatever I can use to wet jelq. And dry jelq gives me bruises if I do it too often. So maybe I should stretch 2 days on 1 day of and dry jelq like two times a week what do you think about that?

THen buy 3 or so bottles of baby oil. It should last for the duration of your trip. Maybe your jelq too hard? Never gotten blisters from dry jelqing.

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Sailing around the world? I would rather hear about that.

Are you going solo? Is it a race? How big is your boat? I have a million questions. Please tell us about your upcoming adventure.

Sailing around the world and your concern is about PE :) Hahahahaha :) If it were me, I would put PE on hold and enjoy the sailing adventure.

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Ha ha don´t worry guys I´m going to work on a big ass cargo ship so I´m not going out there all alone in a small boat. But the ship´s trading route is all around the world so I don’t know where I´ll end up. I still see it as a little bit of an adventure for a 19 year old small town boy from southern Sweden. Of course I won´t focus too much on PE when I´m out there but I´ve started out good now and have already gotten some gains and have harder erections so I don´t want to quit it either.

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