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Can't I masterbate?! Hehe

cant i masterbate?! hehe

hey guys, im new to this - well 3 weeks into it.

Im doing 400+ jelqs a day and stretches, havent missed a day in the last 6 and starting to notice this sort of pain in the top of my dick…. but only if i pull it…. If i start jelqing it goes away. Also if I get an erection it goes away.

I have some questions:

1. I cant work out if this pain is from the ligs or dick its self. Has anyone else felt this pain? and should i stop for a day or contine my routine?

2. Its not that bad pain wise. I just read somewhere that if you get lig pain its good to keep going because you dont want the ligs to repair and become strong? Is that true.

3. Lastly, I read somewhere that masterbating on the same day as a workout is not good for growth. Is this true? Please explain….

Thanks guys, all responces would be great

masturbating on the same day is not bad for growth..atleast I do masturbate sometimes on workoutdays and I still grow!!


Phew, otherwise i would struggle to stick to the 6 day routine hehe



Sorry I didn’t mean to focus on that, was more concerned with the pain issue.


dionc - it’s not the topic, it’s the continued use of “i” for “I” and “im” for “I’m” that is the complaint. It may seem picky and silly, but this is one online forum where the members are required to speak proper English with good spelling and correct punctuation. It helps our members from countries where English is a second language to understand what is being said if we all use proper English and not AOL-teen-chat abbreviations. People have been banned for continuing to ignore the Guidelines. Thanks!

Oke, I will remember.

Is it like a sharp shooting feeling? i have that now and have to stop jelqing for a few weeks.


Hey guys,

Sorry about punctuation errors before. I didn’t even realise I was doing it.

The pain actually feels like what I would imagine a stretched muscle or skin would feel like. Its probably just that! I was curious if anyone else could explain it, thats all.

Thanks for the responses.

I do PE 6 days out of the week. I probably masturbate everyother day. I don’t believe masturbation will hinder gains unless it is excessive enough to prevent you from getting the proper erection strength for your workouts. Note: I almost ALWAYS mix in some jelqs/ULIs/squeezes with masturbation.

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