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Can't I just do it in the shower

Can't I just do it in the shower

Instead of using wraps and shit can’t I just do it in the shower?

Depends how big your hot water tank is I guess….

There’s no way you can do a full blown PE routine in a single shower. That is, once you get into it. As a newbie, since you’ll only be doing something like 5 minutes at a time, it might be an option - for a while. Again, unless you have a natural hot water spring in your backyard it might be hard to do the longer sessions that way, once you get there.

What age is best to start?

I do exercises occasionally but me penis had seem to become smaller than bigger!

It is about 1.5 cm I think smaller than it use to be!!

Is it okay to masturbate before doing the exercises?

Can I just do the exercises in the shower?

Tell me please

It is OK to do exercises in the shower. I got a full inch (2,5 cm) that way. I just jelqed about 5 min at the beginning and about 10- 20 min at the end of my newbie gains.

Don’t over exercise, it just toughens your penis and thus makes exercising less effective. Get a good warmup with the hot shower, it is the biggest benefit of being in the shower.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

hey man

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