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Can't find BC muscle to kegel

Can't find BC muscle to kegel

I’ve been looking into doing the kegel exercise but notice that I can’t seen to find or contract the BC muscle. It seems that I’m just squeezing the PC which is more at the anus. Is this because I just have really weak BC muscle muscle?

Not sure if this is related but my penis is thinner at the base and I’ve read somewhere that this may have been caused by excessive masturbation. In my mid 20’s my ejaculation used to by quite strong, enough to get my girlfriend’s face when she’s lying down, but now now it’s more of a dribble.

It’s the muscle you use to stop the flow of urine in the middle of taking a piss.

I can stop the flow of urine but it still feels like the PC area is doing most of the work.

Can you feel the BC from underneath when touching the perineum or is it deeper inside?

That’s right bro, you can feel the contraction of BC muscle in the perineum.

I must have super weak muscles down there as I can only feel a slight twitch.

Will squeezing the BC work out the IC also? My base is thinner and quite soft so am trying to focus on this part.

Sexually, I’m ok but could do with better EQ.

In fact I can hardly feel any muscles in the perineum. Sounds like a bit of work to get them in shape.

Is it possible that this is caused by too much ejaculation?

Are you overweight?

No, on the slim aside.

Touch yourself between the balls and the anus while Kegeling and you’ll feel the contraction. Your penis being thinner at the base isn’t a matter of weak BC muscle IMO. Your penis should also move slightly when Kegeling.

Thanks. Will work on it.

Do the muscles get bigger noticeably once it reaches a certain strength?

Originally Posted by hot_tokyo
Thanks. Will work on it.
Do the muscles get bigger noticeably once it reaches a certain strength?

Probably not noticeably bigger, but you’ll feel a much more definite engagement when you kegel after you’ve been doing it for awhile. Each rep will start to feel like a mechanical valve opening and closing.

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