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Can't do manual stretches due to foreskin

Can't do manual stretches due to foreskin

Hi I started a newbie stretching routine a week ago, and I’m having a real problem stretching. Because I’m uncut and my glands are alot thinner than my shaft its impossible for me to stretch without just stretching the skin, I have stretch marks near my base shaft now from just 1 week of doing it, pretty sure they will be gone soon if I stop though. I have tried rubber gloves, baby powder, tissue, small towel nothing works. Pulling back the foreskin isnt an option because no matter what it just rolls back over when I pull. And I don’t have the privacy to be using a device :(

Does here overcome the same problem? If so how? Its very discouraging because I am really interested in doing PE long term and gaining length but I can’t.

I’m uncut. I haven’t had your problem, I’m not sure what you’re doing differently. Try this:

1. Roll the foreskin back all the way.
2. Grasp your penis where the glans meets the shaft.
3. Pull.

If you grasp it firmly with the skin retracted, there should be no way for the skin to roll back up and get in your way. If you try stretching without pulling it back, you’ll probably just be stretching your foreskin, not the penis itself.

Good luck!

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Grab about 1 inch behind the glans with your fingertips, and pull. The fingertips will anchor to an internal structure, and doesn’t allow the foreskin to glide over the glans. It’s easier with the fingertips, but you can’t pull with much force. With a traditional grip you’ll need to apply more force, or it’ll glide over.

Northmiamitop, it doesn’t work for me no matter how hard I grip. The skin slides back over the head no matter what. Because my glands are small :( I might just have to forget about length and do only jelqing.

Got same problem. When I try the way northmiamitop wrote…it just hurts. Point NR 2 and 3.

Do you have turkey neck also ?

I have just tried v grip. Might doing it wrong but when i try to add force my wrist hurts. So I can pull with a little force.

Red raw skin blotches from basic manual stretches

I have been manual stretching for 2 weeks now, finally got my grip down. (Although I don’t pull the skin back, I leave it over the head but I still at stretching the actual penis I’m pretty sure). Its not possible for me to do it with the skin retracted because the head is to small so it always rolls foward. Anyway after my first week I noticed on the top and sides of my shaft, near the base there are very raw red marks from skin stretching. The skin stretch is very intense in that area. Will this go away after It adjusts? I really don’t want to stop already but if I’m going to have permanent marks on my penis I will have to stop.

Sounds like you’re using too much pull and doing it dry .

Try this method .
I use a Tom Hubbard Pinch Pull grip .
I “C” pinch grip from the base , pulling up , bundling the skin behind the glans .
Then pull and rotate stretch .
Also I use coconut oil .
I find I can see the ligs that hold him in place move while stretching him .
Very comfortable stretch .
dooks out !!!

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Thanks for the advice, but bundling the skin behind glans isn’t possible because they are literally tiny and there is hardly any difference from where shaft meets glans., so they slip over. I might just keep doing it and hope that the skin adjusts

Don’t start multiple threads on the same topic, please.

I was cut and restored so as to definitely appear as though I am uncut. I have posted photos in my routine thread at about post #46. I have been doing dry/wet jelqs as well as manual stretches for some time now. I do not seem to have any difficulty with either of these forms of exercise.


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Thanks for the help

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