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Canshould newbies do v-stretches

Canshould newbies do v-stretches

It seems as thouh v stretches and it’s variations are much more efficient in targeting the ligs or the tunica than manual stretches are. Is it possible/encoraged to start a newbie routine with v=stretches (I’m a week into PE and have thus far only done manual stretches for my stretch portion)? If not, how long before my penis is adequately conditioned enough to handle v-stretches?

And once that happens, If v-stretch(es) are superior to their standard counterpart, is there any reason to continue to do standard manual stretches?

Thanks for any help :)


They usually say 3 months with the newbie routine before you start doing _anything_ else,

not sure if this applies to V-stretches.

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Nope. Use the least amount of force that can give gains. V-stretch do apply high tension, so better stay away first months.

Stay away from any other exercise that is not the newbie routine as long as the newbie routine gives you gains. Squezze that beginner bonus.

Once you start with the a and v streches (aided and inverted) you will see that they target the tunica and sometimes are the only way to exit a girth plateu.

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Just for safety’s sake, the first three months should be newbie routine only. Not only are you conditioning your penis in that time period, you are getting to know it on a whole new level. You have to learn what forces are OK and which are too much.

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Thanks so much for the input all. I am 2 weeks in and going strong but steady and slow. I’m at the beginning of a long and, hopefully worthwhile, journey. :) Best wishes to all

I was wondering if v-stretches with hand pressing on the top of the middle shaft are effective to try to fix a downward curve.

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