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cannot help it.

cannot help it.

I have a problem when i start to jelq my dick gets too hard it is fully up after few strokes my member has always been little bit out of control in public places that can cause problems.
Well there was a easy solution to this problem i need to masturbate before jelqing im asking that is it ok to masturbate before jelq or is there a something i should know.

and sorry about my spelling, english ain’t my native language.

Looking to be a kiwi.

Do you feel that you are getting a good and effective workout by masturbating before your PE session?

Personally, I can’t do this. My dick feels too beat up after sex or masturbation to go right into a PE workout. It just doesn’t feel good to me. But if you don’t have this problem, and you feel that you’re still getting a good workout, then don’t worry about it.


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