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Can you stretch without jelq

Can you stretch without jelq

Hey all.

First, I’m new, so heres a lil intro:

I’m 5’10 and about 185 pounds. A hardpressed BPEL is a bit above 6.5 inches. Generally, being out of shape, NBPEL is between 5.5 and 6 fully erect.
For the Internet surveys, which generally ask for BPEL measurements, I’m at or slightly above average I guess. For the professional studies that all reveal averages
Below 6” NBPEL, I’m generally a few hairs below average I suppose.
My girth is around 5 inches or so, and I’m pretty happy with that.
I basically just want to increase my length to at least 6 inches NBPEL with my current physique, seeing as though it’s the weight I generally have with little to no activity
And a diet consisting of whatever I want. At that point, with losing weight, the only way to go is up. Going back to my natural lazy habits won’t decrease size more than my gains with this current weight. Unless my metabolism gets worse or something.

I’m generally just upset about the fact that I find my erect penis to look an unsatisfactory size on me, despite that it’s well in the average ranges.
I’m sure years of looking at porn consisting of guys armed with ‘Anaconda’ animatronics has a bit of a negative effect on the outlook, lol.

I basically just want to start a stretching routine, but I have a few reservations.
Will stretching without the girth-centric jelquing decrease my girth at all? If I had alot of girth to spare, I wouldn’t mind as much I suppose.

Considering all of my above stats, how long do you think it would take me to get above 6” NBPEL doing about 10 minutes of those 30 second stretches?

Also just to confirm the stretch technique:

One should hold the penis about half an inch below the glands, pulling outward to a full stretch for about 30 seconds before letting go and getting some
Circulation flowing again?

Anyway, pretty mundane questions. I was a bit lazy and didn’t look around the forums too much, so I apologize for possibly being redundant this once and won’t make a habit of it.

Why you don’t want to jelq? Jelq at 70% is a length exercise.

Anyways stretching in the way you described it will do the job. Look into JAI stretch also.

How much length? I have no idea. Average gain is about .75” per year lengthwise.

Roll up your sleeves and go to work. Good luck.

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

Originally Posted by doubleOtoSeven
I was a bit lazy and didn’t look around the forums too much, so I apologize for possibly being redundant this once and won’t make a habit of it.

Let’s not. Thunder’s helps those who help themselves. So let it be written, so let it be done.

No, stretching without jelqing won’t cause you to lose girth. But why not jelq as well. I mean 5” is nice, but by no means earth-shattering. Is it a time issue, is it a lazyness issue? The first thing I’ll tell you is that PE is a serious commitment. If you aren’t serious about it you won’t see results. So get that lazyness in check and get to work son. I hope you do well and stick around for a while.


If you are still doing this after 1 month I will be surprised.


Seriously my friend, I feel (by the sound of your descriptions) and am the same as you. I’m not overweight to the point I look fat but I need to drop a good 7-14 lbs to make me look trim. Being our height is a big difference with being able to pull off a heavy weight compared to guys above 6ft. As for your exercise issue. Get to a gym or cycle around your are because your health is important and that little overweight stage could develop into extremely overweight. Another good thing about exercise and PE is it helps blood circulate around your body and also may make you lose some of your fat pad(if you have any). My dick on a real nice hard erect level is about 5.75 NBPEL which is below the 6.5 average that I see quite often. I feel that me having a slightly above average girth of 5 inches is what doesn’t make my penis look tiny. So you should jelq, it will help with length and some extra girth is always good.

Stay focused and safe.

One day I do 15 mins of stretching and the next 15 wet jelq. On the 3rd day I give it a rest. Hot pack yourself before and after each routine.

Simplicity keeps you from getting lazy.

"Drunk chics dig me."

I thought simplicity makes you lazy. MAN! And I have been making everything hard on myself. Or was that I make myself hard on everything. OH nevermind!


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