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Can you stretch too much?

Can you stretch too much?

I notice it’s easy for me to stretch often; during morning routine, after urinating, changing out of work clothes etc… but I also notice that if I stretch as often as I do the penis tends to retract more. I assume this can’t be good. Can anyone tell me if I should back off on the stretching? Each time I will do 10-15 sec pretty strong stretches 1x down, 1x left, 1x right, and 1x up.

The more you stretch gains are more likely to come. One guy who gained 4 inches in length said that it can’t be overdone and if you are able to stretch 24 hours, do it.

Can you stretch too hard? Yes.

Can you stretch too much? No.

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What are the downsides or symptoms of stretching too hard?

With jelqing it seems easy to tell. You get read spots or pain (or blood coming out of your penis), or bad EQ or no morning wood.

What about stretching?

One symptom of stretching too hard is no gains, presumably because your ligs and possibly other tissues react to the excess stress by strengthening. I think it is likely, though, that not as much attention needs to be paid to stretching rest days as jelqing rest days.

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