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Can you push an erection down to loosen ligs?

Can you push an erection down to loosen ligs?

I don’t think this would be an erect bend and I’m not sure if this exercise has a name or not…

I know that BTC stretching is supposed to be great for loosening and/or lengthening your ligs, but I was wondering if it is OK to pull or push downwards on the entirety of the erect penis, as this seems to give those same ligaments an even better stretch or is this not recommended?

If this exercise is named, what is it called?

And should I be pushing with my palm?

Thanks in advance,

No, this would not be a good idea. The penis shaft and therefore your hard erection extends deep inside your body, so pushing down would only serve to bend your erection internally which could lead to a penis fracture. (and that ain’t good)


Sometimes my wife leans back when she is on top. I tell her to stop bending my penis! Then I swing her around and do her from behind. Not sure what impact the whole episode has on my ligaments.

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