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can you please clarify this?

can you please clarify this?

i cant get started with pe til i get answers to these, please help! i already read the faq but im just confused, short answers are fine!

my flaccid size is very small and i have trouble doing the lenght xtender exercise (maybe im doing it wrong) can you help?

i read the faq, my question is HOW DO I GRAB THE PENIS WHEN DOING THE LENGHT XTENDER? (im uncut)

all the free guides i have read say to grab before the head, then stretch for 10 seconds. My question are

1. do i need to squeeze, than stretch, or just grab the penis behind the head and stretch til i feel a stretch from the base and shaft (what the sites say) without squeezing the inside?

2. if im not supposed to squeeze (like a jelq) than how do i grab it? (no ok sign?)

im comfused over this because isnt pe supposed to work because you force blood up the penis? and if this is true than wouldnt the lenght xtender be a longer version of the jelq?

i did just stretching the penis behind the head, and it is very hard because the skin keeps going over the head (am i doing it wrong?)

your help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Re: can you please clarify this?

Originally posted by eid2356
I can't get started with pe 'til I get answers to these,

WRONG! You grab it any which way you can and pull.

1. Do I need to squeeze, then stretch, or just grab the penis

You need to grab it any which way you can and pull.

I did just stretching the penis behind the head, and it is very hard because the skin keeps going over the head

:rolleyes: Then pull your skin back, grab it any which way you can, and pull.:horse:



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thunder ill be honest with you about my problem :(

i have a 2 inch flaccid.

i looked at the url you posted and now i have the grip ok (i was doing that wrong too)

since my flaccid is so small i have a problem with the grip. When i stretch from behind the head the grip ends up going over the dorsal nerve (i have little space to work with), and you said this was dangerous right?

what should i do? should i just squeze real hard and hope that my grip stays behind the head when i stretch?

what if i try stretching from the base? would this be ok? im curious since by doing the exercise you are supposed to feel a stretch from the base and shaft itself, so stretching from the base wont work?

i hope you can help :(

Hey eid,

Try griping with 3 first fingers (thumb, index and middle finger).
Pull the skin as Tex said, place the thumb on the upper side of the shaft behind the head and pointing to your body, then place the index and middle finger on the underside (and on both sides of the shaft) pointing toward your body too. This will give you a firm grip, use some talk if needed to avoid slippage. You will not have to squeeze very hard this way, just enough to hold and stretch.

After a week or two, your flaccid will probably be longer and then you can try again gripping the way you saw in the picture.

Don’t worry, your flaccid will grow!, I started very small flaccid and now it’s doubled, almost tripled in length :)

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And leave a little gap atop your dorsal area. This should correspond on your hand with the web of skin between the thumb and first finger. Look over that picture of the hold again if you need a visual.

Please say you understand what we’re saying here, eid.

BusterHymes i did the grip on the site that thunder posted. I tried to do what tex3 said but didnt work (i was probably doing it wrong)

i think i will keep doing the grip on the picture. I had read how to do the ok grip many times and i was still doing it wrong til i saw the picture, im one of those dumb guys that needs to see instructions or i will get it wrong so it is better if i just stick to what the site shows. I really the manual stretch does add some lenght, this has me very frustrated (and depressed)

just a question, does it matter if my penis doesnt stay flaccid WHILE STRETCHING? if i start a stretch and halfway of the 15 seconds it stops being flaccid should i keep going? (i know about slaping it against the leg to restore circulation after this stretch and it should be flaccid for next stretch, but i dont know if it should stay flaccid WHILE im stretching)

I’ve heard of guys doing hard stretches, but as far as I know and understand, stretching should be done while flaccid. It’s the same principles as hanging. An erection causes too much tension along the ligaments and is not healthy at all to try and ‘stretch’ or torque on in that state. But I’ll let others comment.

Stretching should be done flaccid. If you get a semierection after 15 sec, stop and start again when it goes back to flaccid.

Erect stretches are a new and somewhat controversial exercise, targeting the ligs, not the shaft, so don’t think about it for now.

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willb7 you mean during stretching?

my question was does it matter if it is not completely flaccid DURING THE STRETCH? (even if i start the stretch when flaccid)

i start flaccid but it doesnt take long after i start the 15 second stretch for it to stop being flaccid (probably halfway and is nolonger flaccid)

Hey eid,

Do you know how to read? Do you understand what you read? Will just told you that if it starts to get erect during a stretch, to stop stretching and wait until it returns to flaccid, then start again. You got that??

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You start completely flaccid, ok?
Now as you stretch , you feel it becomes semierect - this is very normal because your dick ”thinks” you want to play with it - at this point you have to stop, Waite until it goes back to flaccid and start again. In time you will get used to the exercise and be able to avoid the semierection more easily.

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thanks WillB7!

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