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Can you jelq with soap/shampoo?


Can you jelq with soap/shampoo?

hey everyone,
i tried searching for “soap” but only came up with cleaning devices.

can you use soap or shampoo as a lubricant to jelq?


What about conditioner? I am thinking longterm for when I do my maintenance shower jelqing.

Soap for shower jelqing is generally a bad idea. I’ve had some good sessions with moisturizing body wash though.

My expert opinion...

Shampoo is a bad idea. It stop being slippery real quick and foams up all over the place, and yeah it dries out your skin something terrible and can sting your wee hole….

conditioner on the other hand - it fantastico….
I’ve been using this stuff all the damn pretty much with no problems. In fact I reckon it’s better than ‘personal lubricant’ (funny name that) But maybe not quite as good for some as baby oil or something like that… conditioner is more of a ‘watery’ slip than an ‘oily’ one i guess…

One thing though is that you need a fair bit to get the right slipperyness effect, so keep it out of direct shower flow or you’ll wash it all away.

Hey, I’ve got one of those Navy showerheads that allow you to cut the rate down alot or off completely with a little toggle bar. So I’d just jelq at the end of my shower.


I usually jelque in the shower with soap.
later that day or the next day my cock is so dry…doesn’t hurt just looks gross…selcjay thanks for confirming the advice about the conditioner I’ll try it next time….hey if your a newbie or a vet you should check out experiment 2 thread…mod needs peeps for it..


first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the :babe4:

Best lube in my experience, and especially if your jelqing in the shower with running water as I do - is good old Vaseline. Very effective and stays there throughout the whole workout.
I tried Johnson baby oil too which is good, but Vaseline has a better silk like feeling that I like.

Anyway , for God’s sake, do yourself a favour and DON’T USE SOAP FOR JELQING. Prolongued rubbing with soap will make your skin - on the penis or anywhere else - dry and soar.

ù ì å í



So this is the 10th post in this thread and I just have one remaining question:

Should I use soap to jelq with in the shower?

Musta been a long week, folks

Cause that was a JOKE!


can i use hydrating body lotion for jelqing?


Soapy Joe!

Well, some guys seem to be OK with soap, others not. We have a water softener, and I use soap and the skin of my shaft feels silky from the water (like your whole body does when you try to wash the soap off). However, “bush” hair I’ve found can get in the way and chafe, so having that trimmed helps. Secjay’s idea of conditioner sounds good. If you want to use soap and it stays slippery, the idea is to ensure you have slick stuff to keep the motion from causing friction probs. If you do use soap (which I do in the shower for my stretches etc), I’d suggest after towelling yourself dry, you put 50% sweet almond oil and 50% vitamin E oil mixture on your willy - massage it in and it will tone the skin well. If you’re so minded, you could add a drop of Sandalwood essential oil and any others that you like - just a drop of two or three oils max. Gives a nice, masculine scent down there.

Peace to all


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