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Can you jelq when you're depressed?

Can you jelq when you're depressed?

A lot of things have been happening nowadays and I’ve just never had the motivation to jelq, I’d actually rather sit down and stare into space or waste my time than do something as sufficient as jelqing. How do I stop this?

If you find a way let me know.

Since wanking is a natural antidepressant (but only so long as you do not ejaculate), I’d start with a good 20 minutes of serious wanking to get the endorphins flowing and then I would proceed to the more methodical jelqing and the rest. Just keep in mind that the moment you ejaculate you crash back into the pit of low mood, so just don’t.

Originally Posted by mentula

Since wanking is a natural antidepressant (but only so long as you do not ejaculate)

Do you have any references to back up this claim?

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Just the anecdotical evidence from 55 years of intense personal wanking experience.

It does raise your spirits and level of awareness. That is edging but not coming.

However with a good partner where I feel a conneciton I can have the sex act with them, ejaculate and still have increased feelings of well being and focus.

You feel dirtier with someone you are not really connected to, at least I do.

I think the reason for mentulas mood elevation when masturbating and not ejaculating is an increase in testosterone. If your testosterone levels aren’t high enough this can lead/worsen depression. My moods are definitely better if I go without ejaculating too. I suffer from depression but am on anti depressants which help.

Oh and Somastylo I never really had much of a problem to jelq. Just don’t allow yourself to think negatively about your dick and how you might not gain. Just do it, get a good workout then you can go collapse on your bed and watch something mind numbing. That’s pretty much what I did only now I hang whilst I lay about. ;)

More importantly, Why are you depressed? Have you sought help?

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