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Can you help me again please

Can you help me again please

Yesterday I read a few threads that we’re talking wonders about dry jelqing, I decided to try it and I have a few questions:

1. I noticed some bulges while doing it, the biggest one on the under-right side of the penis, at an inch or two from the balls, do I have to worry about it? It didn’t really hurt, but it fel a little strange.

2. I didn´t really feel pressure in the penis, nor it was getting thick while doing it. On the other hand, my gland did fill up with blood as I became closer to them. So, am I doing it correctly or not? I used the C-grip.

3. This last one doesnt really have to do with dry jelqing cause with wet jelqing it also happens: I loose my erections very fast, I can so some jelqs but then I need to “re-pump” it. Jelqs aren´t stimulating for my penis. It only stays for semi erected when it has been like 4-5 days without sex-masturbation. I don´t have problems to get erected if I’m exited, just when jelqing.

Thanks for the help, and if you can´t help.thanks for reading.:P


I can only really comment on Q3.

I can usually go about 20 jelqs without losing it, watching porn helps. Hopefully Kegels and jelqing might improve your erections.



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