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Can you guys help me out Testicle health question

Can you guys help me out quickly Testicle health question.

This shouldn’t take long - my vas deferens feel hard to the touch, on both testicles. The vas deferens are the tubes that carry sperm around down there. When I feel around down there I can definitely tell that the vas deferens on each side are very firm - there is no give at all. All the way from where they connect to the testicles at the epididymis to up past the penis.

The descriptions online about how they should feel are pretty vague - can you guys feel around and let me know if this is normal? If not, I suppose I need to see the urologist..

Thanks in advance.


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Mine are firm as well. I think it’s normal.

Are you having pain? What caused you to feel yourself up? :)

No, no pain. It just felt strange all of a sudden to feel two solid cords in my sack.

Thanks for the response!

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