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can you do too many kegels

can you do too many kegels

Can you over do it with kegels? My feeling is you can’t or at least it would be very difficult to because the kegel is different from other exercises. My thinking is that the kegel is more of an internal exercise otherwise you would be able to work the same area with squats or lunges. It seems like the squeezing of the kegels is internal and a different sort of thing than regular exercises.

i doubt it. You can tire your PC muscle out, but it would recover in a day or two, just like any other muscle. And you’d be stronger for it later.

It’s a muscle and it can be overdone like any other muscle but it must be very hard to do that.

Although I can not remember the exact thread, I remember reading about someone that described the negative effects of doing too many kegels. It said that even though you have to do a lot, it is possible to overdo kegels just like any other PE exercise. Hopefully someone can remember which thread it was because I am having trouble remembering.

I used to do a huge amount and found if I did half a gazillion too close to having sex I could have trouble maintaining a good erection but all in all they are the best exercise we do. You may notice when you first start doing them that you actually cum sooner but this will pass after a couple of months.

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Kegels are the ultimate. Rock-hard 11/10 erections, personally, as a result. Worship the kegel!

I think they can be overdone. After a couple of days without them, my erections get unbelievable. They are 100% to begin with. But a day without kegels makes them stronger.

As said above it’s a muscle so it needs it’s rest. I over did them and had a few erection problems. After a break of two days and enough sleep, not forget eating protein packed meals my wood is back on track. I also learned that personally it is better to them in small amounts at regular intervals not to overload in smaller sessions.

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Don’t overdo it. Believe me. I’ve been there done that. Overdoing kegels can tire your pc muscle out. When that happens, instead of making your orgasms more intense, it will just mess it up plus your load could just dribble out. Too much is always bad. Hope that helps.

I think if someone has erection troubles, and maybe isn’t very sexually active - kegels can help. I don’t think everyone can benefit from them. I’ve come to realize I do a heck of a lot of kegeling while having sex and masturbating. The best way to find out is to take a kegel break for a week or so and see how you feel.

Thanks for the replies, guys

I would rather do weighted kegels vs regular kegels, since the BC is a muscle just like any other muscle in your body. See it as muscle building vs endurance

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