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Can VED therapy correct baseball bat shape the opposite of it in semi-erect

Can VED therapy correct baseball bat shape the opposite of it in semi-erect

Hi guys,

I am close to deciding using VED therapy for my hourglass but I have one main question here. After I damaged my penis using a penis extender, my penis now does not fill with blood symmetrically. The base of the penis get engorged so much and the second half of the shaft and the tip does not, to the point that the base is double in girth size than the tip, so my penis look like a cone in semi-rigid.

All of this goes away when fully erect, but I wanted to ask you guys if you think this shape in semi-rigid can be corrected with VED therapy. There is obviously something going on that is making that shape to appear while before the injury it never happened.

Please, any advice would be much appreciated.

I never heard of a change in shape caused by an extender. Do you have any pics? If you are prone to develope Peyronie’ plaques a pump could not be the best tool, since it applies way more force than an extender.

I have no idea how this could happen from using an extender? It doesn’t seem like an extender could do what your describing. Were you using or doing anything else with your pe? And how were you using your extender.. Did you notice your penis having even remotely these attributes before starting pe?

You also might consider uploading some pics to show the issue, if anything it will give people something physical to go off.

Start: Nov. 2017 - FL: 3.5", FG: 4", BPEL: 6.813, EL: 6.25", MSEG: 4.75"

Current: Feb. 2018 - FL: 4.75", FG: 4.625", BPEL: 7.375", EL: 6.8125", MSEG: 5.25"

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