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Can this method routine be effective

Can this method routine be effective

I’ve been doing PE on and off for a couple years now. Had some gains then lost them. Never could stick very well to a routine.

Due to this my penis has been conditioned. I suddenly started this new routine that I am very fonded of.

5-10 warm up in a bath
10 minutes stretching in the bath (then maybe another 5 minutes after I get out)
Clamping for 10 minutes, 3 sets.
Wear a cockring 9-10 hours a day (everyday)

For clamping I normally do 1 day on 2 days off. Sometimes 1 day on 1 day off (depends on the condition of my erections)

However from stretching I pretty much do this EVERYDAY. Aleast 10 minutes a day. I always feel a very good stretch and it’s never sore the next day so I definitely feel I’m not over training with this.

I always hear people say “Oh it’s harder to stretch a thick rubber band than a thin on”

^ I never truly understood this. From what people say your length gains comes from your tunica and ligaments. If you had a thick cock, how would this affect stretching tunica/ligaments at all? Also when your stretching, your flaccid. So if you had a girthy cock when erect, it still is thin and mendable when flaccid.

Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

Nice routine I should say except for the cock ring part. I heard wearing cock ring for more than 30 minutes is bad for the penis. Correct me if I am wrong please cause I want some expert input on this. What type of cock ring do you use and how do you do it exactly?

From my experience, most cock rings are too constrictive. They are to maintain a strong erection. (Used just for sexual intercourse) So I began to experiment with objects that aren’t exactly meant to be put on the penis as a constrictor. Everything from hair scrunchy, to metal O rings, to rubber bands.

Now everyone thinks rubber bands are a horrible idea. Yea upon using one of the rubber band on broccoli or asparagus it was probably the PERFECT FIT. A great tool for all day use. It’s not so constricting that oxygen can’t go in and blood can’t go out. Yet it can maintain a great pump. (Especially right after a good clamping session)

Good tip here: you can wear 2 rubber band at your caution(one over the other) to have a tighter constriction. Even with two it still very safe and will allow blood in and out. (With my experiences) I always wear two.

I wear it all day but just not to bed.

I think you should do jelq, which is the most important exercise in PE world.

I think clamping is a bad idea right now, it’s just too early.

How do you take off the cock ring if something goes wrong? I guess that’s why clamps were introduced. Hopefully we’ll be able to find them in the EU also in a while…

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